Konami launchs their version of Slime Knight

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<a href=“http://www.konamistars.com/konamistars/index.html?fuseaction=tools.invlink&k=PZUyDFlpfqd7iGRk”>Join the Konami RPG Stars!</a>
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Like Slime Knight for Dragon Warrior, Konami RPG Stars (strange name) is a site that you do challages to get points to use for free shit, like games and stuff. A lot of the stuff relates to Suikoden, even so Ys and other rpgs are there too. If you join, please suggest <b>Rirse</b> as the person who suggseted the site.

I hope they get smart and put a bunch of copies of Suikoden 2 in the store for the higher up prizes.

If this was GameFAQs I’d so have marked this post by now. Except it’s not against the rules here, so that won’t do much good. But lord, I am so tired of seeing people advertise for this site and troll for referrals.

Sorry Flinty, I just never saw a previous thread here. Besides, Slime Knight got a thread, I should be allow one too.

Yes, I suppose that much is true.
I wouldn’t mark anyway even if I could, cause we’re all family here. Especially 984.
Just venting some frustration at the constant spamming of the site GameFAQs gets.