knives can't beat kung foo

Don’t talk to ME about superior numbers losing.

How nice for him.

I’m pretty sure a real master would have been able to disable them though, instead of killing them that is.

And no one deserves to be killed, they deserve to be trialed and locked up inside a tiny cell.

Originally posted by Dark Paladin
I think the issue is after royally pwning (heh. I said “pwning” :p) those four knife guys, they tried to flee, but the kung fu guy pursued and killed them.

Yes, that is the issue. If he killed them during the fight…all right. If he chased and killed them, then he was also wrong and should be punished.

I hope nobody holds it against him that he defended himself. He shouldn’t have to risk his life by holding back his blows. It’s hard enough to beat four armed opponents. If he had had to worry about them getting up and backstabbing him, winning would have been halfway closer to impossible. This exemplifies self-defense.