Knights of the Round

Does anyone know the names of the 12 Knights of the Round in the FF7 summon? They’re all based on real characters in the round table, Obviously, the last one’s King Arthur, and I know one of them is Sir Lancelot. Has anyone figured out the others?

Well, I don’t believe it’s specifically said which is which. If you’d want to know the traditional names of the Knights (I’m not entirely sure there were twelve) Best to ask Sir Percival (that’s be one name right there). However I’ve always been under the impression that it was a slight allusion to FF#, which actually had a round table and king etc, though I’m unsure if there were twelve and what thier names were either.

Just Google “knights of the round table” and you should get something. But aren’t there thirteen of them? Unless my memory’s going, it’s been a while since I gave FF7 a whirl.

Maybe it was thirteen. It’s been along time since i summoned the 5 minute sequence myself :stuck_out_tongue:

KOTR Summon:

Good question. I can’t find anything that lists them. Each knight in that article has their own wiki with a lot of info, and each one I checked had a picture, so you could probably go from there. i.e. Sir Gawain was “The Green Knight”. But if the last strike of the summon is King Arthur, it looks nothing like any depiction of him I’ve ever seen. Maybe the artists didn’t bother depicting anyone in particular, just made random, “cool looking” knights.

Regarding the number of the knights, I suspect there might have been a mix-up with the Twelve Peers of Charlemagne (12+1).

Source: An FF7 Trivia group. I haven’t tried to verify the answer.

  1. Sir Gawain (Gawaine, Walganus, Balbhuaidh, Gwalchmai)
  2. Sir Breunor also known as “La Cote Male Taile”
  3. Sir Lancelot (Launcelot du Lac, father of Sir Galahad)
  4. Sir Percival (Perceval, Peredur), son of Pellinore
  5. Sir Dagonet, the court jester
  6. Sir Griflet, also called Sir Griflet le Fils de Dieu
  7. Sir Tristram (Tristan)
  8. King Leodegrance, Guinevere’s father and keeper of the Round Table
  9. Sir Constantine, son of Cador, who became king after Arthur’s death
  10. Sir Ywain the Bastard, son of King Uriens of Gore
  11. Sir Kay (Cai, Caius), Arthur’s stepbrother, son of Sir Ector
  12. Sir Mordred, Arthur’s illegitimate son and destroyer of the kingdom

Yeah, I looked on the Wikipedia and saw there were about 1,000 more knights in the stories and freaked out. But Locke’s list seems to help, I’ll see what I can cross-reference here, thanks.

Is this about the FF Compendium?

Seeing as how this is in the FFCompendium forum… yes.

I just watched that video. Seeing the summon for the frist time in like 3 years, sure makes it painful to hate the franchise as much as I now do.