Knights in the Nightmare (DS)

Has anyone been following this?

It looks interesting, with a very strange battle system (graphically and functionally). It’s also a sequel to the GBA Riviera and Yggdra Union, both of which I have not tried.

Have any of you tried anything from this series? I’m tempted to pre-order this with Rhythm Heaven.

From what I’ve gathered, it’s supposed to be a hybrid of Tactical RPG and Shooter. I hear things can get pretty hectic though. Watching any videos of it is pretty crazy stuff.

I might give it a try though. Something about it just wants to draw me in.

For about a year or two by now.

I’m going to try to grab this game as soon as it comes out considering how much trouble I had in finding the other two games in the series.

Too bad the third game is supposed to be some kind of MMO (though I’m not too surprised by this).