jesus christ

Mescaline is very, very, very similar to LSD in terms of experience. Both produce mind-alterting experiences which mimic mental illness IE insanity. According to analogue would mean that there are similarities, which there definatley are.

Jeez… First cats on fire… Now cats on LSD

Let’s see: Production would halt, society would collapse, and grown men would behave like rebelling teenagers. Anarchy, I’d say.

Maybe so, but what if he was, and what if he didn’t want to partake in the first place?

The city would become a druggy mecca. It’d be so awesome.

And think what an excellent thesis it’d make.

Nightmare, check the Plasma TV thread. Knock your posting the fuck off.

Poor kitty. :frowning:

In bread alone, it would work wonders already.

Even in the 20th. Century, there have been occasions where outbreaks of ergotism, due to consumption of contaminated Rye. Ergotism occurred in 1926-27 in Russia, with 10,000 reported cases, in England in 1927, with 200 cases, among central European Jewish immigrants and the last known example occurred on August 12, 1951. On that day, Jean Vieu, a medical doctor in the little town of Pont-St. Esprit, in Provence, France, was the first to discover the outbreak while puzzling over two cases of patients who complained of intense pain in the lower abdomen. At first Dr. Vieu believed these cases to be acute appendicitis, but the symptoms that his patience exhibited were not those of this particular ailment. Instead, Some of these symptoms included low body temperatures and cold fingertips. Even stranger were the wild babbling and hallucinations. By August 13th., Dr. Vieu had a third patience with these symptoms. His concern of these patients led him to meet with two other colleagues and together, the three doctors had twenty patients with the symptoms just described.

By August 14th., the town’s hospital was now filled with more patients with the same symptoms and 70 homes were required as emergency wards. When possible, victims were tied to their beds, those that escaped were running mad and frantic through the streets. All available strait jackets were rushed to the town to restrain the victims of this sickness. If there were any town’s people of Pont-St.-Esprit that were not terrified by this time, they became so when they learned of a demented, eleven year old boy, who had tried to strangle his own mother. Paranoia soon spread throughout the town, rumors soon spread that this wave of dementia was due to a mass poisoning that had been carried out by the local authorities.

Meanwhile, the doctors, were working diligently to discover the cause of this dementia. That this was caused by some sort of food poisoning, they were certain. However, what had all these people consumed? The doctors searched the houses of the afflicted and found only one common food item. All the victims had consumed wheat bread from the same baker. Samples of the bread were taken and sent to Marseilles. When the results from the analysis of the bread samples were completed, tests indicated that it contained approximately twenty alkaloid poisons, and that they had all apparently came from the same source. The origin of the alkaloids was identified as those belonging to the fungus causing ergot of the rye plant.

It would be four more weeks before the whole story concerning the contamination of the bread would unfold. Beyond the Auvergne Mountains, where wheat is grown, an unethical farmer had apparently sold contaminated rye grain to a miller who had mixed it with wheat and grounded it into flower. The miller then shipped the flour to Pont-St.-Esprit, to the baker who was also collaborating with the farmer and miller. It was their greed that was responsible for over two hundred cases of alkaloid poisoning, thirty two cases of insanity and four deaths.

The funny thing is, ergot drugs are used to treat Parkinson’s. They’re dopamine receptor agonists (they turn on the receptor that you don’t have stimulus for in Parkinson’s). Too much of the drug / product also gives you hallucinations. I always wondered where they found this shit.

After reading that I pictured the movied Shawn of the Dead, but with raving mad men instead of zombies and not nearly one tenth of the gore.