Cat on LSD.

That was… interesting. But I had a cat that acted a bit like that one.

It’s cute, in some weird way.

That’s not cute.

That’s fucking disturbing. I mean. Just. Ugh.

Stupid bipeds.

If it weren’t for the post-use effects, I’d say maybe the cat wasn’t displeased at all with the experiment.

i also remember there was a site claiming some research was done on the shapes and patterns of webs made by spiders under the influence of different drugs. Cafeine, marijuana and coke caused the spiders to weave their webs more chaotically than usual, and also reduced the production of web. LSD, though, had nearly no effect on their webs.

The thing with spiders: they are so dissimilar from humans that couldn’t the effect that those drugs have on us have completely different ones on them?

Almonds kill hamsters, for instance.

LSD is a chemical that has psychadelic properties due to it being very similar to chemicals already present in the brain. The chemical imbalance it brings causes all kinds of synaptic misfirings and other unusual activity. In addition, the nervous system is so similar in all animals that there are many chemicals which all animals have in their brain. You may have heard of endorphins - they are one such chemical. More specificially, because the same chemicals that LSD mimics are present in all animal brains, LSD will have some affect on all animals that ingest it - even spiders.

As for Almonds and Hamsters: Almonds contain small amounts of Cyanide - no where near enough to kill a human, but perhaps enough to kill a hamster. In fact, I think most small animals are susceptible to Cyanide poisoning from Almonds, not just Hamsters.

Even then that may not be a bad thing depending on the “trip”. I haven’t watched the video, and while giving a cat LSD isn’t very nice, it’s definately not going to kill it. LSD is physically harmless, the danger in it is surfacing mental illness that one would already be predisposed to in order to “contract”. Unless the cat has schizophrenia in the family I’d say it’s fine and dandy.

I’m with Gila.

And I’m aware about the dissimulitude between us and spiders too. I was just joking when I pointed that research out.

Wow…what was the point of this? If it was to watch a cat shake like crazy, than thats just…dumb.

Clearly it’s not to see what effect LSD has on cats.

You know, I wonder what’d happen if you poisonned the water supply with LSD.

Well, lets hope he didn’t have a bad trip. o.o

You know, I wonder what’d happen if you poisoned the water supply with LSD.

Something like 21st century Salem witch trials and a reenactment of the Point Saint-Esprit incident to an enormous extent.

Yeah, but imagine that x 50 000+.

I used to imagine that in nearly a daily basis when I was at high school. I never put the plan to execution, though.

Didn’t the Joker from Batman try something like this once, too? And I remember in an old Disney toon, Gyro Gearloose accidentally spilled a chemical in the water supply that turned everybody in the city into an animal. I think that’s a metaphor for the idea we’re discussing.

Thanks for clearing that up for me buddy.

It would be the best times and the worst times all at once. Oh boy. It would definately be interesting.

Oh shit, I just watched the video. That cat was tripping HARSH!

The video says the cat is on Lysergic acid Acid which is not LSD, even though it is psycadelic…its a precursor to LSD. You can get Lysergic Acid from morning glory seeds.

I wonder why they call LSD a mescaline analogue? O_o