Kitty =D

I gots a new kitty not too long ago, here’s pictures of her
(Thanks to maba for hosting them ^_^)

<a href=“”>There’s definitely something philosophical about this…</a>
<a href=“”>Regular kitty shot =D</a>
<a href=“”>peeeeekabooooooo XD</a>

I’m going to say this and then get far, far away from this thread, because otherwise I’ll be tempted to seek out and steal the kitty.

Your cat is really cute. End of line.

<a href=“”>Lounging 1</a>
<a href=“”>Lounging 2</a>
<a href=“”>Posing… SO CUTE XD</a>


Testing avatar

Is that a Tabby? 'Cause I have one too.

I remember when I first got her. I was only 7 or or 8 or so. She was a playful little kitten, now she’s an old fart, turning 11 in September, but I still love her. ^^

Cute kitty too, by the way.

But not as neat as Figaro.

I love you , cless =o

Aww, what’s her name?

So fuzzy. :moogle:

Almost and sweet and rangy looking as mine. Reminds me of my cat too. Must be that…mischievious look.

(Head Butts Steve and Cless Alvein)


KITTY!! [insert generic comment about cute kitten here]!!

Man, lots of people are getting kitties these days. It makes my heart warm.

and your stomach full?

The kitty’s name is Tinkerbell >>;

Cute ^^
Kinda reminds me of a fuzzy version of my cousins cat.

I’m definitely not a cat person (or a pet person at all, really), but that’s cute.

I like cats as long as they’re not mean and claw and bite. This may be kinda evil but the last one that bit me i threw against the wall. The stupid cat bit completly threw my thumbnail i wanted to kill it. The cat looked like tinkerbell