Kiss of Death

I just heard about this on the news. I guess it gives a new spin on “kissing disease”. I guess I’m lucky to hate peanut butter.

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Dude, an allergy this severe? I’d be more inclined to believe the guy killed her with is breath rather than peanut butter. But then again, who knows if she didn’t kiss him while his mouth was full of it…

I heard about that yesterday, and Kiss of Death is exactly what I thought too. I feel sorry for him: imagine what it’ll be like for him to kiss his next girlfriend for the first time.

I’m allergic to several different kinds of nuts, and if I eat anything with just a little trace of say, walnuts, my throat feels like I swallowed poison ivy. :stuck_out_tongue:

I read about this yesterday and was really taken aback. I didn’t know it was possible for it to be that bad. Maybe he frenched her and she got some peanut butter? But even then. Wow o_O

It can be very severe. It’s entierly possible to get a reaction from merely touching peanuts. I’ve seen it happen. It’s nasty. But with the stench that peanuts produce, it was probably the smell. They make mouths smell awful enough to kill an elephant.

Poor kid.

Thats sucks, I’m sure he won’t kiss people for a while.

I know a kid that can’t even smell peanut butter or his throat closes up and he has to go to the hospital.

Peanut allergies can be very serious, and obviously fatal. And they have been becoming more common in children recently.

Same. Though recently I stopped being allergic to almonds.

My girlfriend’s brother is severely allergic to peanuts. I made a cake for my girlfriend for her birthday sometime ago, and her brother had some. And he had an allergic reaction. It’s suprising because no peanuts were in the cake mix; but there are quite a bit of peanut-related products in my kitchen.

That’s a big thing too, there’s a lot of peanut oil in a lot of products. I believe a law was trying to be passed that would make food companies put a warning that there is a peanut product in it.

They do. On all candy bars, it says on the back in big bold letters “this product contains traces of peanuts”.

Trill and Lex: I know it’s hard to believe, but the same goes for me if you substitute meat for peanuts. Though I can’t say anything about poison ivy taste since I’ve never tasted any ivy, but you get the message.

You’re allergic to meat??

Unfortunate story, ain’t it.

It made regular news headlines here, in international.

I can’t eat it, it’s toxic to me. I vomit and fall ill for a day. I don’t get red spots, sneezes or anything else that you’d relate to allergies, though.

An ex-girl friend projectle Vomit’s when she has fruit. It’s kind of offputting when you spend most of the afternoon eating apples (and Typing (I only eat apples when I’m typing)) and then Kiss her, and you get her lunch instead of her tounge. (I spent the time doing Project Gamma… check the Sig and POST PLEASE!!)

I did swaps with her on a outing 1 apple for 1 bar of chocolate…

They used to make Miss.Vickies chips with peanut oil. It was like a godsend when they switched to vegetable oil.

That is so hardcore. No meat, of any kind? You must love soy and vegetables. :stuck_out_tongue:

Man, I’m glad I’m not alergic to anything. >>

Oh, and it was on the news over here too, as a pretty important piece too. Poor guys and girl. :frowning: