Kirby's Epic Yarn

I love it. It’s adorable, fun, addicting and just exudes charm in every way. I can’t say anything about it that hasn’t been said before. It’s the easiest game I’ve played of this generation. But as youve heard by now, it’s not about any sort of challenge so much as entering this world and having fun with the game while being taken in by the aesthetics.

This is also teh first Kirby game I’ve played since the NES.

It’s totally worth the money.

The lack of Epic Yarn discussion in this thread is disappointing.

I’ve never actually played a Kirby game (apart from smash bros… which can’t really be included) therefore I wouldn’t have any decent input into the conversation. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wait? It’s out now!?

Goddamn, not having any means of self-transportation beyond what nature provides sucks.

Edit: After having done my homework, it turns out KEY has only been out for a day now. The tl;dr of this edit is to chill out DR. Not everyone can run out to the store the minute the delivery truck pulls into the parking lot.

Me? I’m going to give it a few weeks just in case someone decides to knock $5 off the price or something as part of a promotion.

DR: A link to the game might help widen the discussion. :slight_smile:

BTW, am I the only one here who visualizes Kirby pushing a giant Yarn Ball ala Katamari Damaci after reading that title? :smiley:

But everyone can stand in line 24 hours before the midnight release of Halo Reach?
I figured it was one of those anticipated titles. Obviously it’s not even close to Halo Reach, but I’d expected more people to be looking forward to it. Especially on this board if nowhere else.

Wil, I didn’t think a link was necessary, as like I said, I thought more people would’ve known about this game. It’s fucking Nintendo after all.

I swear to God, as the ultimate Kirby Fan, I will have this game as soon as I have a moment of time not dedicated to bullshit school projects. (The ultimate Kirby Fan is too smart to put Kirby before grade-breaking schoolwork.) I want to play this game so bad. I don’t care how supposedly easy it is. I do not play Kirby games for a challenge. I play Kirby Games so I can be six years old again.

That depends on the individual!! Kirby means a lot more to me than Halo.

This game makes me want a Wii, but I won’t bother because I know I won’t have the time to play it. I just need to convince a friend who does have a Wii to get it.

There was a Kirby game on the NES? Don’t you mean gameboy or SNES?

Kirby’s Adventure. Came out near the end of the NES’s lifetime.

And it was great fun.


Yes. Yes it was. Still one of the best games for the NES.

Almost done with this bad boy. I kinda dabbled while playing Tales of the Abyss, and now that I finished Star Ocean, I’m playing this one. I would’ve finished it if it wasn’t for the fact that I had to go to bed.

It should be noted that lack of death != ease. There’s a lot of frustration to be had here. Despite that the level design is absolutely wonderful and the music is just sublime. I love the soundtrack.