Kirby vs Missile, a battle to remember.

An epic struggle, who shall be the victor?

Is it me, or does the missile really nearly kanchoes Kirby at some point?

I <3 kancho

Why didn’t Kirby just eat the Missile, and gain one part of the Bomb ability? It worked in Kirby 64, after all.

That was bloody awesome.

Pictures Setz being kanchoed and liking it, just to have nightmares later on.

That was Awesome!

I liked the bomberman poster. And when he went into the elevator, and then the missile was there next to him.

The next kirby game should be more like this.

Kirby~! ^___^

Heh, I just saw this thing earlier today. It’s really well made and funny, and it reminds me that I want a new traditional Kirby game.

Kirby! Go Kirby!

Funny coincidence, I was playing Kirby a minute ago.

Ha ha, nice.


Y’know … I think the original Kirby’s Dreamland was the first video game I ever played and beat.