Kingdom Hearts

Should I give this game another chance?

I first played it at least several months ago, but I took it back to the store after playing it a couple of times. I thought the game was gorgeous, visually and aurally, but the gameplay was seriously bugging me. I got to the point where I was supposed to leave that town in the beginning with Donald and Goofy (I didn’t even leave the town, lol), but I got headaches and almost some motion sickness from running Sora into the ground and all over the place. I also wasn’t wild about the control in battle and how Donald and Goofy seemed to do whatever the hell they wanted (which was usually something stupid) without anything from me (I’m a bit of a control freak about managing my characters).

Am I seriously missing out by not playing this game more than I did? Did I neglect something in my initial go-around that would have made it better?

Good. You avoided the devil.

I, myself, hated Kingdom Hearts. I don’t see how many people could like a shit-tacular game. I mean, DISNEY?! Come on Squaresoft, don’t sink that low.

I say you shouldn’t try it again. If it makes you uncomfortable the first time, it will most likely stay that way.

I’d play it again if I were you. I really liked the original. I got the GBA one for Christmas, and am not liking it a whole lot. But yeah, Donald and Goofy are both tremendously retarded. I hate them. I finished the game a while ago, loved it. But now I try to pick it up again and the only reason I don’t want to play is because they’re so stupid… I don’t know why they had to make them main characters.

I don’t share the aversion to Disney, and I really don’t think any company did any sinking in making the game.

Even though Donald and Goofy were retarded. :smiley:

I would suggest giving it another try.

Even though it does have it’s problems (like most games), it’s basically just a fun RPG.

I personally hate this game, because I think it fucked-up several good Final Fantasy characters… but I have been known to be snobby in concern of FF games, so I may be the only one who feels that way.

Well the two people who said they liked it are 15. Not insulting them or anything, but y’know.

In all honesty, I beat the game. I couldn’t stand it, I got the same problem as you, the headaches, although no motion sickness. I found it to be extremely boring and the battles were OK at the start, but by the end of the game I couldn’t be bothered to swing the sword anymore so I just avoided most enemies. The ONLY REASON I beat it is because of my thing where I have to finish a game I start playing.

I found the “humour” retarded to an insane degree, I found the characters to be lifeless and the only development was your generic “Ohhh, I’ve got a huge responsibility, so I better pluck my chin up”.

I’m witholding all comment on the Gummi ship system since I don’t want to be sitting here for 30 minutes. And WTF was the deal with Cid not swearing? AT ALL? I mean I know it’s a game aimed at younger gamers, but it didn’t even have any “bleeped” words.

The game was INSANELY short. I mean I beat it, with all secret bosses defeated, arena completed, all weapons in the game etc. In 20 hours. 20 hours. They could have done SO MUCH MORE with the whole Cloud and Sephiroth thing. And they chose almost all the most retarded FF characters they could. I mean WTF was Selphie doing there when they could have chosen Terra, or Rinoa or even freaking Garnet.

You don’t have to take my ranting to heart, but just bear it in mind.

I agree with almost all of that Urkani, and actually played through the game twice, just to give it a fair shot. I hate it.

2 will be better, 2 will be better, 2 will be better.

I love that game. I didn’t like the idea of mixing Disney characters with FF ones at first, but I kinda liked it after playing through the game a little more. Square-Enix did a pretty good job in making KH likeable for even us, adults.

It’s fun. It’s full of challenges and the story is quite interesting.

He said most of what I was gonna say. the only thing that really bugged me in the game was Riku. I mean, Dear GOD, he was so easily manipulated! I used to call it the “Kain Complex”, but now it’s the “Riku COmplex”. Jesus, how dumb do you have to be to listen to maleficent and turn on Sora just like that?! And that’s my rant for the day. Also, Goofy kept getting in the way of the camera, so i couldn’t see anything I was trying to focus on. other than that, it was a great game.

Bah, the recent FFs are insults to RPGs anyway, so I’m damn glad they mistreated them.

KH’s a pretty good game, you should try it out again, and yes, your ally AI sucks, but you’ll learn to cope with it if you play for a while.

As far as which characters were chosen, Tetsuya Nomura was the one heading the project, if I recall. It’s pretty much OBVIOUS he’s gonna pick characters he created himself rather than other characters.

While KH is a good game, from what you’ve said it would be a chore for you to play it. So don’t.

If you do, take note of the fact that you can adjust the AI of your helpers in one of the menus, though they’ll never be all that smart.

Play it. NOW.

I SO agree with you. I mean… they fucked up Cloud, and renamed Squall, Leon?! Leon Lionheart?! If given the chance, without being caught I’d [STRIKE]kill[/STRIKE] shake hands with the creators of this game, for making such a sucktacular game.

They didn’t rename Squall. He uses Leon more as a nick-name. Also whenever you get a new character. Swap out Goofy. Donald’s spells give him a little accuracy. Also Donald saved my ass against the final boss. He was using that suction thing (this was his final form too). I was down to a little section of health bar. I’m thinking, “Damn, I’m going to have to do this whole thing over. I don’t have time to cure and the attack isn’t over.” Then Donald comes up and uses curaga healing me completely. :biggrin: Unfortunately my disc got a scratch on it and it stopped halfway through the credits.

A nick-name? They didn’t once use the word Squall in that entire, horrid game.

Corn…puts one finger to his lips…Shhhhhh. You must have a fairly shallow appreciation of games in general if a petty little thing like a name change gets you in hating frenzy.

I’d recommend you pick up the game again, Ms. Mints. I wasn’t too thrilled with it at first, so after a mere hour or two I put it down for several months. However, I really got into it when I picked it up again.

I think they did. Besides, it even says that Squall changed his name to Leon on his character profile or something.