Kingdom Hearts II - Under the Sea

This is the final act of a desperate man. I realise this is absolutely not the place to post it, but I have exhausted every other resource I have, so I apologise in advance to the mods if/when this is closed.

I like this song. Actually, I liked the entire Atlantis segment in that game. Yes, you read that right, I liked the singalong minigame. I think I must be the only living soul who did from what I hear, but nevermind that. Here is the point:

I’ve been trying to track down the English version of this song for months with no success. Quite frankly, I can’t swallow the Japanese version in the KHII OST, but the English track is nowhere I could find.

So why am I so desperate to find this thing now? Nostalgia mostly. I have a very weak spot for the oldschool Disney songs, like “Arabian Nights”, “Prince Alí” or “Hakuna Matata”, but I never really got into the Little Mermaid until I heard the remixes on KHII and loved them.


God that part was fucking terrible. Absolutely fucking terrible. Then again my overall opinion of the game was pretty low. But still, that was such a waste of time. I only suffered through it for the Orihalcum+, and that’s it.

The english track of what btw? Under the Sea? Dude, it’s on every disney compliation imaginable.

Oh, and I wouldnt call those songs old school at all.

Maybe Dream is a Wish and Bear Necessities, Someday My Prince Will Come, Bibbidy Bobbidy Boo and So on.

Sigh. Why do you think I even bothered to bring up that it’s the KINGDOM HEARTS VERSION?

I dunno… I missed that part. I was too busy complaining about the awfulness of that sidequest.

“Finny Fun?”


Lemme get this straight. You want to listen to the KH butchering of a classic Disney song rather than the one with actual singers in it? O_o

Unlikely, Seraphim. The Japanese versions of the songs were released on the OST, thus they’re clean versions. As far as I know there’s no version of them in english available yet on any OST so even if you DO find a version of it, it’ll have all the misc sound effects in the background (button pressing, timing, bubble popping, etc).

Your only hope of getting a clean one would be if Square Enix released a Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix OST. The Final Mix OST of the first game included a few tracks that weren’t in the original JP released (like One Winged Angel) and if the Final Mix version of KHII is going to have the english dub then there’s a good chance its OST will have clean versions of the english songs.