Kingdom Hearts II Trailer

I can’t find it online, I just saw it yesterday on Tech TV and it looks fucking sweet. If anyone can find the new trailer that was shown at the Tokyo Game Show 2003, then please, please give us a link.

Here ya go.

I dont know if the vid will work right it didnt for some reason on my comp. But they have pictures too. ENJOY!!! ::dekar!:: says so.

Nope, the movie links didn’t work.

Sorry dude ill keep on lookin.

Man this is going to kick so much ass. I can now say I am looking forward to this most out of any other game in existence. Not even Soul Calibur 2 got me this excited. And further more:


Dude check out the Halo 2 trailer near the bottom. REALLY KICK ASS.

That would be sweet if I could upgrade to Quick Time6, but I can’t; stupid dad.

TUT TUT alex we should be respectful to our elders

Shut up Thomas.

manners Alex.

You know, you don’t have to follow me to every thread I go to.

Jeeze, quit perveting my thread. And I’m still looking for that damn trailer.

I had another link but it died on me for some reason. And it was really kick ass. Had the KH2 movie plus stuff on Advent Children and Final Fantasy XI. But for some reason the site died or something the link wont work.

BTW the trailer someone posted was not KH2 but Deep Dive from KH:Final Mix. go there for info on all things deep divey.

Preview section.


EDIT: I do apologize about the quality, however it is better than nothing…

I would download that if it weren’t for the fact I’m stuck on dial-up.