Kingdom Hearts Chat...

Okay…to start this little bit of mindless chatter…does anyone else think that Ansem is completely overpowered, especially with that whole ‘Submit’ thing!? More importantly…that Sephiroth is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay overpowered! His health bar seems never-ending!!! :hyperven:

I loooooooooooooove Kingdom Hearts, so that’s why I started this thread! Also…I wanted to see if anyone else agrees with my point.

He only has 7 health bars! j/k Seph is no challenge anymore; no one is, when you are at lv. 100 with teh Ultima weapon NOTHING can stop me.

How do you get the ultima weapon…?

You have to synthesize everything, then you can synthesize it.

When you beat Sephiroth, the final boss is nothing.

Originally posted by Xelopheris
You have to synthesize everything, then you can synthesize it.

Well what do you need to synthesize it?

Sorc, my advice is to stick with Oblivion. Ultima is nice, but it takes ages to get and you only really need it if you want to feel perfectly safe when fighting Seph. And you can whoop his ass just as easily with Oblivion that and Ultima looks like a piece of shit.

Yeah…Sephiroth is WAY overpowered, and Ansem’s ‘Submit’ thing is plain annoying, but it’s REAL easy to avoid. As for Keyblades…I suggest using the Oblivion as well, although I’ve never had to Ultima Weapon. That Oblivion is great!!

Oh yeah, one thing has anyone…Ever fought this hooded guy in the Hollow Bastion? He’s supposed to be from KH2 or something…

Unknown is sweet. You fight him in Final Mix, an ultra cool version of Kh witch has loads of new cutscenes, keyblades, bosses and abilities (like Odin’s Zantetsuken.) you cannot fight him otherwise. And besides thee are four of them in the movie, Dual, Blind, Sitting and Rock. The boss is actually called the Enigmatic Man, while he is undoubtably one of the Unkowns we don’t know which.

I never found Ansem or anybody as hard to beat as I did with Seperioth, the first time aruond.