Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

God I hate card games.

I wanted to get through this as quickly as possible in order to go on with KH2, so I started looking for cheat codes. No luck. I really, really, really hate card games and the three levels I did so far were horribly boring, only made worse by the shitty emulation performance.

So, anyone’s got any codes I can use? I’m using VisualBoy Advance 1.7.2 to emulate if that’s of any importance.

You may have to register to see it, but there’s plenty there.

Now in the confusing process of figuring out how to use this stuff. Thanks.

good luck with that. I haven’t bothered much with figuring out how to get other people’s codes to work on that emulator. I’m usually pretty content with a money code or the like, which is generally trivial to make.

The thing I was aiming the most for was an I.W.I.N. button-like thing that’d let me skip through the filler segments, but it doesn’t seem like that’s gonna happen. The All Cards code is probably the next best thing, it seems.

A question: Do you just input and enable the codes at any time, do you have to load from the game’s memory or (God I hope not) start a new game?

you can put them in at any time and they’ll work if they feel like it. VBA and codebreaker codes don’t always get along, but most of them oughta work

Chain of Memories isn’t nessecary for KH2, it just dorta explains a few things that happen in the beggining. You don’t HAVE to play it if you think it’s that bad.

If you like I can send you a save file which lets you view the entire journal. Once you have that you should pretty much get what happens… actually going through the story isn’t all that important. 8p

Ohh, please do. That’s be really great. My E-mail is in my profile, if you don’t still have it from the webstats stuff.

I actually have it uploaded to my staff folder:

I offer TD’s firstborn in gratitude, since he already promised it to me.

Wait, I can’t seem to load them up. What version of the ROM did you have, US or EUR?

US, I think. It’s probably easier just to get that version of the ROM. ^^;

That was it. It was an interesting read. So these were the guys shown at the very end of KH1 in the “Another Side, Another Story” FMV?

There’s also a video somewhere that has all the cutscenes from KH:CoM. I know Orian has a link to it.