Kingdom Hearts 2 Ultima Weapons

Ok I realize some of you who’ve had the pleasure of playing Kingdom Hearts 2 know of the existance of these weapons. Basically one ultimate weapon for each main character (Sora, Donald, Goofy).

Well i’m happy to say that I succeeded in getting these mighty weapons synthesized (after much work, finally!). I’ve even went through the hassle of taking pictures of these for your viewing enjoyment ^^

Without further ado (click links below):

Ultima Keyblade Stats
Ultima Keyblade - Sora
Save the Queen/King - Donald/Goofy + Sora FRONT
Save the Queen/King - Donald/Goofy + Sora BACK

Well that was useless…but thanks for sharing.

Is that the one you beat Seffie for?

Fenrir is the one you beat sephiroth for… Ultima is synthesized using a recipe found in the mansion basement.

That’s what I thought. So it’s not that hard to get. None of them are. Again, this is pretty useless. Report back with Fenrir.

I never said this was meant to be useful :stuck_out_tongue:

and besides Fenrir is only meant to be used as a complimentary weapon while in Final Form so I didn’t bother since you can’t drive in the last boss battle.

Hey, who’s that guy next to Sora? :stuck_out_tongue: