King of the Hill last nite

I was wondering if anyone saw it. In short, Bobby takes up Tarot card reading and winds up with a coven of “Magick practitioners” (a bunch of guys who dance around in purple robes and chant spells and such). Hie-larious. :wink:

I thought some of you may know some people like that. I don’t, but I can imagine. I hear groups like those are kinda common in the South.

I think the stories for King of the Hill are getting too weird. Dog-dancing? Wizardry? I just want some simpler ones. But that episode wasn’t bad.

Yeah, I know some people like that. My friends and I all practice a variation on Shaolin meditation, but it’s nothing like that whole witchcraft thing. I know quite a few wiccans, however.

That one was great!

Hank: How old are you anyway? 30, 40? And you’re still living with your parents?

Mage Guy: Not even close… try 4000!

Lol. Those guys were mega geeky. Funny episode though… cause it’s fun to laugh at those guys… Witchcraft is cool an all, but not when used by those guys. :stuck_out_tongue:

I love King of the Hill and that episode is great! I don’t know anybody like that though.

I also found it funny that they call themselves wizards when all the plan is “summoning”. Wouldn’t that make them “summoners”?