King of Fighters 2003

I just borrowed this from a friend, I hadn’t played it before, and was playing it for a while. Is it just me, or do the teams in this one suck?
Where the hell is Andy Bogard? Why isn’t he with his brother? Tizoc? What the fuck! Honestly, Andy has series integrity and a small but violently loyal fanbase. Tizoc has a couple kids who think his maks is cool, and another group who think Mexican-style wrestlers are cool (which they are, actually, at least compared to American ones).
Second, I really thought the Blue Mary/Billy Kane combo worked really well, and seemed to fit. Anti-authoritarian Private Detectives go hand-in-hand with Rude Boys if you ask me, and her and Billy hanging out gave great character possibilities with Terry. I mean, this is his only surviving girlfriend hanging out with the adopted son of the man who killed his father, that’s bound to create friction.
Plus, no Rock Howard? :frowning:
In other words, this game makes me very sad, and I bet poor Mai is lonely without her unwilling boy-toy.

Andy Bogard freaking sucks. No one, except you and your fanbase, wants him in. In addition, this makes sense considering that they’ve got Future Terry in there rather than old school Terry. It gives the MotW guys actual fucking context.

I have to agree, I really disliked Andy.

You mean KoF has a storyline? Moreover, a storyline that fits in with Fatal Fury? How ridiculous, lol. I just figured it was a game with a bunch of fighter dudes, like a CvS, only without the C. Oh well, I don’t really like KoF anyways. SamSho2 any day of the week…and I’d love to learn Mark of the Wolves if I knew anyone that played it. :confused:

I play all SNK games I can, but I think travelling to California for a match might just be my limit. I can do some long-distance help with Rock, Terry, and a couple others, but not too much. Remember that Fatal Fury games are always dependant on rythm. Once you get that down, you can chain just about any moves you want together, and never give them a chance to fight back.

Anyway, I never play as Andy, I think he’s cheap, but I still find his removal really sad. Mostly, the freaky team organization is what pisses me off. That and the fact that Andy was replaced by Tizoc, possibly the ONLY character in all of SNK with a smaller fanbase.

EDIT: KoF and Fatal Fury exist in seperate continuities. SNK said so. For example, in Fatal Fury canon, Geese Howard killed Mister Big. In KoF canon, Geese Howard is on the Boss Team with Mister Big.