Kill Bill

I finally saw Kill Bill last night and amn was it a surprise. It wasn’t quite my thing, but damn that is one of the most violent, if not violent movies I’ve ever seen…extreme and some what cartoony, but still very violent. However, it’s also very funny. It’s one fo the strangeest movies i’ve seen in a long time. It is a great movie to see with friends though. One of my friends was laughingat the saddest parts (such as when she wakes up from the coma and thinks somethign that I won’t say for spoilers). We had a good laugh at oru friend for being so insensiive, ti was fun.

aaaaaaaaargh the horror of typos!!!

I haven’t seen it yet so i can’t tell

jesus, he’s right about the typoes.
Yeah, Kill Bill kicked ass if you can stand cartoonish gore.

I liked Kill Bill a whole lot, but I’m more looking forward to vol 2.

Kill Bill surprises most people when they first see it, but it’s an excellent movie. I’m seeing the second one as soon as it comes out.

Quentin Tarentino is one of the greatest directors.
Can’t wait till Kill Bill 2!

My dad just rented it. we have yet to watch it, but I’ve heard only good things. I can handle fakey gore if I don’t eat while I’m watching it.

Gonna pick it up ASAP.

Good movie, with a good soundtrack to boot.

Good movie. I want to see the second one.

Real life anime :smiley:

Live action. :stuck_out_tongue:

Quentin Terantino needs to grow up and stop making movies that satisfied the desires of his twisted and demonic inner child. From what I understand of the general plot of the movie, if it was such a huge gore-fest, and if they’d actually done research into Japanese culture, it would be a movie worth seeing.

Most overrated movie of 2003: Lost in Translation. Not only does it have no plot, but it’s horribly culturally illiterate (not to mention uncaring).

Yeah for crappy movies that make fun of Asian people and go nowhere! </sarc>

Maybe it’s exactly because he’s making movies for his own inner child that he makes such good movies. His inner child seems to be pretty damn cool to me.

I don’t really see how Kill Bill insults asians at all. It borrows off of the style of Japanese action films and uses anime influenced blood spray, but that doesn’t really insult them. And I actually thought Lost in Translation was pretty funny.

Sounds like you haven’t even seen the movie.

Coming from a guy who hasn’t even seen it.
Sounds like you shouldn’t be talking.

That’s funny, lots of Tarentino’s movies (notably Reservoir Dogs) have a strong ANTI-VIOLENCE theme. To say he was using gore for the sake of gore is to ignore uh… the plot? Everything? Get a brain. =p

Kill Bill was the best movie I’ve seen in the past year. I think from now on, it’s going to be my litmus test for potential relationships. If she can’t at least sit through the movie, then I know it’s not going anywhere. :stuck_out_tongue:

I want to see both movies pretty bad now.