Kill Bill volume 2

who’s seen the brilliant conclusion to the brilliant film by the brilliant Quentin Tarantino?

Went yesterday too, I liked it.

I saw it friday and really liked it.

I saw it Friday too with some friends. It was glorious. Quite different from the first one too.

saw it friday afternoon, and loved every minute of it :slight_smile:

I’m going to see it in 3 hours :3

How much more “brilliant” is the second one anyway? Since from what i saw, Kill Bill volume one was just a blond woman in a yellow jumpsuit running around killing minorities with a knife/sword.
Now I don’t mind violence, i mean i’ve like all of Tarantino’s other films and loved them, this one just didn’t really wow me.

Dude, you don’t know how wrong you are, there’s a good story to it. Believe me.

there’s significantly little action in the second volume as well. So little that it’s almost problematic, but not quite.

I’ll probly end up seeing it, the first one just left me disapointed and i didn’t see what all the hype was about.

Eh, i’ll give volume 2 a shot

yeah, to be fair, Tarantino movies are sort of hit-or-miss. Akin to Kubrick films in that fashion. People either adore them or they don’t really see what the big deal is.

Just got back from Volume 2… fucking brilliant.


Saw it…loved it. Much different than the first. What an amazing ride, Tarantino never ceases to amaze me.

I need to watch a few more times to take it all in…but I don’t think I’ll be seeing it 7x in the theater like I did the first one.

Unfortunately, the thing I remember the most was the eye. I was okay for the first few seconds, but…sheesh, was that really necessary? Yeah, I actually had to turn my head…and I don’t think I’ve EVER done that before. I’ve never heard such a response from a movie crowd.

Would have preferred some more action in the final scene. Didn’t really expect the long fight scenes like the first, but was disappointed not to see the Hanzo steel clash.

I’m not totally for hack and slash movies, but I was dissapointed that there really wasn’t any big fight scenes. That was the best part of Vol. 1 if you ask me. I was really excitited when:


Bill mentioned the beach battleground, but there was no such fight. It sounded pretty cool to me.

PS: Am I blind or did you get rid of the spoiler tags?

Yup yup! Which theater did you see it at, fellow Buffalonian? I usually go to transit, but saw it at quaker because it’s closer.

There’s still a spoiler tag, just put [ Spoiler ] before and [ /spoiler] After a spoiler (without the spaces)

Steve: Thanks for telling me

Locke: I saw it at Maple Ridge. Although I’m unsure as to how much longer I will be going there. I’ve heard rumors that it might be closing down. After Maple Ridge, the closest threatre to me would be at the Galleria Mall.

Another thing that I didn’t particulary like about Vol.2 is the use of guns. I know it didn’t take place where swords and martial arts are more widely used like the Japanese dojowhere Vol. 1 was set, but I thought was pretty weird to have people like Bud (that was his name rihgt) and Bill just come out shooting. I mean, where’s the fun it that?