Kill Bill Questions (Major spoilers, obviously)

1)Why is O-ren working for Bill even though he killed her parents…?

2)If Budd was so guilty, why did he bury Beatrix alive? The only hint in the movie before he does so, that tells us why he went and did everything against he said to Bill, were the words “we deserve to die, but then again so does she.” Am I right? That was the only indication that he planned to kill her when he came for her? Because it was odd that they portrayed him in a sympathetic light, and then he just does that.

3)Is there some way to find information that pertained to Beatrix’s relationship with the other team members? Excluding she and Elle Driver, since we know that they didn’t like each other to begin with.

4)Are there REALLY people like Pai Mei in the world? I don’t mean stand-on-a-sword impressive (right) but I mean like extremely bad ass martial artists that have dedicated themselves to that sort of lifestyle? I can’t find any real life information about the man that Pai Mei is based on, all I can find are his movies…

1-) Ren? Me? I don’t work for nobody, me be my own boss!

4-) Yes, I think.

  1. O-rens’ parents didn’t die by Bill. They died by Mitsumoto. The paedophile dude.

Well, Bill was there. He killed at least one of them, and set the room on fire…

  1. Yes, there are.

You’re so full of information Urkani :stuck_out_tongue:

I geuss that the Shao Lin monks could be similar, but not nearly as cartoony as the guy in Kill Bill.

The problem with trying to find information about real life martial artists like Pai Mei, is that they usually cut themselves off from most of the outside world to focus their skills. So it is very difficult to find any real info. But I’m sure it is out there somewhere, just hidden really well.

And was it ever said that Bill was one of three men who killed O-Ren’s parent’s? I don’t remember it ever being said in either Vol 1 OR Vol 2.

Well it gives a close up of the guy’s ring, and remember, they did close ups of Bill’s ring as well…I just assumed they were the same…

Oh, never really paid any attention to the ring. I may have to check that out, to see if they do match, the next time I watch it.

Yeah, I noticed the ring. But Bill doesn’t look like any of the 4 men in the anime sequence in KBV1.

It could be a younger Bill…O-Ren didn’t look like her younger counterpart, did she?

Not at all. I didn’t notice that the older O-ren was an anime character. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe she joined Bill, to someday get the chance to…


Then again, I could be totally wrong and it’s just ironic :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll go watch it again.

They’re rumored to make a Kill Bill Vol.3, but it won’t have Uma Thurman in it, at all. Such bullshit. :stuck_out_tongue:

That would be awesome, to explain the aftermath of why they all did it and agreed to it and how they came to part afterward.

When I first heard it, I thought it’d be like, what happened before Kill Bill Vol.1, and it goes into the past to when Beatrix worked for Bill… it would’ve been awesome. :<

Is there a point to bleeping her name?

  1. She killed them because they were all at the massacre.

They bleed her name I think thrice in total, throughout the two movies.

Yeah, but I meant like I wanted to know what happened before she killed them, and how she associated with the other women.