Kill Bill 1 - Japanese version

Got the numbered, limited edition box set yesterday. Came with a 1/10 scale sword, Okinawa T-shirt, some doll, a leather Rider suit DVD holder, and of course the movie! Includes some scenes cut out of the US version because they were “too violent” for the US audience.

But most importantly, the House of Blue Leaves battle is in color! DVD also had a lot of nice extras, including interviews with Gogo and Sophie.

You can get yours on eBay:

and I just spent all my money on my computer and anime. FUCK.

Now that just pisses me off. As if the entire region system wasn’t bad enough, they fuck us over twofold by cutting out scenes and not letting us watch the uncut DVDs because they’re in another region. I don’t know what the fuck goes through peoples’ minds when they decide “Hey, let’s NOT give people the entire movie :smiley: :smiley: :D” but I’ve had it with that bullshit.

Edit: Actually, you never stated the region, so it might not apply here, but it sure as hell applies to other DVDs.

The American version was about as violent as Quentin Tarantino could get next to “From Dusk Till Dawn.” Unless they had a lot more organs and disembowelment involved, then maybe the Japanese version is capable of being more violent.

“From Dusk 'Till Dawn”, was one of my all time favorite movies and I almost forgot about it!

I still think Kill Bill was more though.

It totally stinks that that U.S. has to cesor everyting. Our culture is violent positive, I don’t see the point of censoring.

performs a Sensor Sweep, finds a misspelled word

The word is “censor” and “censored”, BTW.

Seen as it says Japanise version in title it’s Proberbly Region 2, So Hades, if you live in the UK or the EU, No Chipping or Region-Free DVD Needed, just import and just make sure your Telly will work with NTSC Signals, (My Sony Does).

Big Nutter
XXX Superbowl: That the rating, not the Title - (Parapharse of) Jay Leno

I stand corrected. Damn! I hate being a hypocrite. :fungah:

Some of the reviews I read, the critics slammed on the violence in Kill Bill. Imagine that - a violent martial arts movie. It’s an NC-17 crime for Lucy Liu to behead someone…but in LOTR it’s fine to show half a dozen severed heads rolling along the ground. So hypocritical.

I’m not so sure the deleted scenes would have upped the rating from R to NC-17. I’m no expert in the ratings area. But when they start advertising the unrated special edition US Kill Bill box set with “deleted scenes too violent for the theatre”, the money will come rolling in. Might have been more about merchandising than anything else.

Yes, the JP DVD is Region 2.