Kids in coffins

omfg. That is just ridiculous. They could all leave their houses at the same time. What did they do with the empty prison?

Well, according to the FBI stats for 2007, the average murder rate of Death Penalty States was 5.5, while the average murder rate of States without the Death Penalty was 3.1

Then again, you can spin this (almost) anyway you want – a multitude of factors, like gun ownership, income, education etc, come into play here.

And speaking of another (and certainly anti-American) perspective/spin…
The death penalty can also bestow martyrdom on some individuals, and can give credence to political or pseudo-religious causes that uphold violence and death as part of their methods.

I’ve always thought that you can’t change the past for the simple reason that it doesn’t matter(and the lack of time machines lately, srsly). If these people are rehabilitated after their time spent in prison, why kill them? Especially if they’re kids

Supposing some of said criminals show a different conduct in and outside the prison during a period of rehabilitation including mental health coverage, reintroduction to society outside, job skills and measures that provide a realistic chance to get a job, I opine it’s a better option having them released before they do their whole sentence, as whenever possible sentences ought to be corrective, not punitive.

These are all buzzwords, not arguments. I find that people invent concepts like “human dignity,” claim without evidence that it exists in some metaphysical way, then argue that certain behavior offends human dignity and thus should stop. This mind-boggling approach to morality is totally circular and illegitimate.

To put it differently, you can argue against behavior (1) on principle, if you have evidence that those principles matter, but the only way principles matter is if (2) violating those principles has negative effects. Saying the death penalty offends human dignity is step one. Step two is showing why that matters. Therefore “liberal, anarchistic, Christian and humanistic” arguments ultimately must be “practical” arguments anyway.

And how does showing moral arguments are practical arguments or that human dignity is a practical matter refute any of my points? Buzzwords are usually intended to dazzle while I take it you’re familiar with most of the arguments I laundry-listed, as my point was to remind that the power of the state to kill one of its subjects is controversial, not the reasons why it is so.

there just wasn’t budget for it. It’s standing empty right now. The only building left open is the Multiple Offenders Program (MOP) which rents the building from the prison. Its where you go after a repeat or aggravated DUI for a week or training and rehabilitation to get your license back. My future mother and father in law both work there, thank god it didnt close or they would be screwed hard.

And yes, it isn’t a great choice. A lot of the prisoners were let go that were drug dealers and sex offenders. The town has a huge meth problem, and the release of these prisoners has only exacerbated it. Ankle bracelets certainly aren’t perfect, I wouldn’t trust them as an alernative to prison time.

I have yet to see a single unbiased study that proves that the existence of the death penalty actually deters anyone.

I think the only way the Death Penalty would feel to someone like it was the ‘worse punishment’ is if they believe in Hell or osmething, so the person would be suffering in Hell.

I’d think they got off easy not having to spend life in prison personally.

Dying is a pretty big thing, and you probably shouldn’t force it on anybody.

The word Justice comes to mind. Any of you heard of it?

tell that to the victims? oops, they’re dead

shit dude