Kid gets pwnt by 1337 WoW mom

The son is Brion… You’ll know who his mommy is :wink: rofl


I wish my mom would play WoW :frowning:

Seen this before, but it’s still great. :smiley:

awww… someone needs a hug!


That is awesome.

Seen it on the CoH forums.

Dude, sweet!

… My mom lets me stay up until 2 AM, largely because she figures I only have myself to blame if I spend the day three eighths of an inch from zzzz. Granted, I get up at noon, but …

Fucking beautiful. XD

I don’t quite know what to say except laugh in disbelief. o_O

…I don’t get what’s so funny :frowning:

Yeah, you won’t be seeing Brion at Alterac Valley tonight…

I’m going to make him watch a movie with me instead. I’m thinking a real chick flick - Steel Magnolias or Moulin Rouge. :slight_smile: