Kickass wins, and Evil losses in WC3

Ok, let’s first go about my favorite win.

What do do when you don’t have Web.

I has doing an arranged battle, fighting another Undead. Well I’m happily creeping along, when suddenly I’m attacked by Mass Gargoyles, follwed by mass Frost Dragons.

TP back home, I’m now panicking. I DO NOT have Web. I DO NOT have Crypt Fiends. First order of buiness. Get them PRONTO.

I got Web and my Crypt Fiends in the middle of the battle. And strangely enough, even though my forces get wiped out and I have to revive my hero twice, I fight them off. I attribute it to my Nerubian Towers.

Quick rebuilding, and I’m creeping again when I see an orage blob on my minimap. He’s going to attack my base from behind. I quickly move to position, and fight them off again, with considerably lower losses.

FD’s are expensive folks. If you’re massing them, you’re going to be tapped out and fast.

I note this and he mentions that , yeah, he’s almost out. But enough for another attempt. After the attempt, he’s basically done. He leaves the game. I move to level 8. He DID attack me once earlier, Lich and mass Ghouls, but I got rid of those, fortunately. I basically won a war of attrition.

Now for my losses:

Next time, get Goblin Sappers.

Night Elf this time, and I’m finding something strange: I don’t EVER run into his units. I find his heros from time to time. But that’s it. Three heroes.

His idea was to upgrade his Tree of Life… and MASS moon wells. Literally. I have to walk down a corridor of Moon Wells to get to his Tree of Eternity.

I sent a shade there, and saw this, but didn’t understand the significane at first.

Long story short, I sent a huge attack force after him. I maybe damaged his Tree of Eternity halfway before my ENTIRE attack force was annihilated. By his now uber-heroes. The thing was, there was a Goblin Lab on the map, I believe. A few sappers would have finished him off.

Next time, be more observant.
Another Night Elf. Level 1, I think this is going to be easy.

WEll I’m happily creeping the entire map. And I did. I creeped the ENTIRE map. ALL of it. All of the creeps slain by me.

And yet I dont’ find him. I find this wierd. So I send shades everywhere. I cannot FIND this guy. All of the Gold Mines are untouched. I’m thinking he’s cheating, but I cannot find him. I quit, look at the score… I’m VASTLY superior to him. I don’t think he ever got out of the starting gate. I save a replay.

What did he do? He took his tree of Eternity and fucking hid it in the forest behind his starting position. Ironically, that’s where my first expansion was. Can you imagine how pissed I was?

But hey, you have to hand it to him. That took balls.

So any interesting wins and losses you’d like to report?

What I want to know is, why you didn’t just get a few flying units and cross-sweep the map :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s funny is you can see the tress falling if you look at the right spot even if it is unexplored. Of course you have to be very observant. And the Sapper trick I used and wiped out my friend in a matter of minutes. While I was in battle I sneaked the sappers around behind him and decimated his base. I even used it before the battle to soften him up.

I eventually lost my patience. Critical error, but ah well.

My latest win:

Tower Whoring for Fun and Profit

This was an hour long game. Yeah, any decent player wouldnt’ let it last that long, but it was fun.

My enemy was Orc, and had taken to harassing my gold mines, killing off my acolytes. Now, I really didn’t care. I expanded early, so in the end, I had about 17k gold. My only problem was lumber, but a few graveyards at expansions he missed was doing well for that.

Now, his second to last attack worried me. I struggled a bit with it, and his level 10 Dark Ranger along with his Beserkers and Tauren busted up quite a few buildings.

Well, the ghouls cleared away a bit of forest, so I sent my Slaughterhoues and Temple of the Damned into the back of my base.

And then I started on the towers.

Tower after tower after tower.

His next attack comes in, and I lead them back into my base. I can only guess his reaction: “HOLY MOTHER OF FUCK!”

20 Nerubian and SPirit Towers. AT LEAST. Webbed in front of my base. I killed maybe one or two tauren, that’s how fast he turned tail.

I eventually wnet after his expansions and started on the offensive with my own Dark Ranger and the remaining troops from a previous encounter (having killed my Crypt Lord), and a Frost Dragon. He left shortly after.

PLEASE tell me you have a replay of that game. :smiley:

I wish I saved it man. I keep forgeting to save me replays dammit.

Edit: My next win. Hey I like it. I’m ashamed that none of you have much more to report however. GG, I DO have a replay of this.

Few things are better put on a Fishhook than a Frost Dragon Skull.

Lesson one: Spazzy has a hard time dealing with rushes, usually.
Lesson two: Don’t let Spazzy draw out the game.

Again, I’m undead, and again, I’m a tower whore. HE finds out when he chases my army back to my base. He doesnt’ run however. I’m thinking that despite his level (13) he’s new to Orc.

The fun part was when I attacked one of his expansions with a Frost Dragon.

Some backgroud: I had been alluding to having shades for a while, and by then, had attached a shade to wach of his two heroes, along with his main base. Always good to know what the enemy is up to. My favorite part was when I passed RIGHT BY his BAtrider guards with a Shade, and noted publicly that I needed Crypt Fiends.

Bam, Batriders down.

Now neither of his heroes were above 2 or 3. And One of his expansions was pretty much undefended. I also had a path (where the batriders were) that was essentially unobserved.

Move my army into position, and then send my Frost Dragon in after his Great Hall.

For about a minute, he doesn’t move. And then he goes in after my FD.

Too bad he missed my army just off to the side.

He surrendered shortly after. And I succeeded with an FD, Crypt Fiends, Ghouls, Necros, and Statues. An army of 12, not counting the FD, including my Crypt Lord.

My best win:

All gyrocopters.