KICK ASS is opening here at least two weeks before America

As soon as March 26th. WOOT.

This movie looks awesome! I can’t wait to see it. I’ll guess I’ll have to be satisfied with The Bounty Hunter, Repo Men, and Clash of the Titans until then

The Bounty Hunter? The one where the guy and that girl and the freeway chase and he thinks it will be an easy job and the whole movie was just stupid?

The trailer I saw looked noticeably less graphic than the comic was.

I don’t know how watered down this will get, but I don’t think I’ll be finding out any time soon.

A movie based on a comic by Mark “I hate comics fans but I still want their money” Millar? Not interested.

You DO know the movie’s probably gonna suck, right? Which means, you get two extra weeks of torture, while everyone twitters America and alerts them of the shittiness. Enjoy your movie, suckers!

Yeah, let’s just say the Apartment Scene aka Hit-Girl’s grand entrance, is relatively PG13 compared to to the comic. Stuff has been changed considerably, really to the point where it would cheese off those who love the source material. Still on its own, as a super hero movie, as a satire of the superhero…mythos, it works amazingly well. Nicholas Cage is amazing as the doting father to Hit-Girl, and their “gee-whiz” banter is great. As Big Daddy he delivers his lines like a cross b/t Captain Kirk and Adam West. The real star, and the one they’re going to be talking about is Chloe Morentz (sp?) as Hit-Girl. She did her own stunts, which is fucking sick and she exudes a certain charm that sort of reminds me of Maculay Culkin back in the day. Oh Hit Girl, if loving you is right, I don’t want to be wrong.

PS: The girl who plays David’s love interest is hot as shit.

Went to see this on an impromtu date without realizing what the movie was about.

Holy shit.


I recently learned that the movie and the book were being worked on at essentially the same time. They started somewhat similar and diverted into different directions. I read some of the comic, and it’s just trashy. I read some of the Wanted book btw, and it too was trashy. I get the Millar hate.

The movie is much much better. I read in a review that the movie version cares about the characters more, and that’s certainly true.

I saw it this weekend and it was awesome! Hit-Girl in now my favorite comic book heroine…Wonder Woman doesn’t swear or brutally slaughter.