That’s all?

Bah. Khan is fuelish and Shatnery. “TETSUOOO!” and “KANEDAAA!” all the way, baby!

Oh, the wackiest things you see online! =D

You think THAT’S wacky?

blink, blink

I can’t believe I just wasted five minutes of my life looking at this stuff.

Someone post the Ackbar one already. :smiley:

Originally posted by Steve’s second link
[b]Dude, seriously … this ain’t that hard.
Really, just type the URL into the little box. Do you need help with the spelling? It’s not rocket science. Ask a grown-up for help if you aren’t good with all the vowels yet.

If somehow you are convinced that you didn’t screw the link up, we recommend you sit in your chair hitting refresh until one of the following:

  1. You give up.

  2. We see you being an idiot via the logfile and decide to write a page specifically for you, so that you can be on your way.

  3. The server was misconfigured. If you’d like to fill out an application for a refund, click here.

You can click Search if you’re good with using the mouse.

HTTP 404 File Not Found Buddy


Shut up XCG. I don’t know it, and google doesn’t give me it.

No… that’s just what happens when you click on the second link that Steve posted…

Oh, right. Errr. ;;>_> Carry on then.

Originally posted by Pierson
Someone post the Ackbar one already. :smiley:

I wonder why they waste their money like this.

How nice, but not really.
It is much more enjoyable on DVD and with Dolby Digial Surround.

Itsatrap is goofier.

Haha. Yes, right. :thud:

Quite insane to hear both of them at once…