KH2 - Coliseum Scoring

I lacked the foresight to begin my game in Proud Mode, so I’m working away at the minigame missions so I can get this apparently sooper sekkrit ending thing. The only ones that are really giving me problems are the tournaments; even though I can finish them I sort of bottom out on the scoring and can’t seem to get enough orbs. Does anyone have any high scoring tips to share or other recommendations for the tournaments?

I think it has something to do with Combos and not getting hit. Other then that, I’m pretty much having the same problem. I’m tempted to start my game over in Expert mode at this point :frowning:

There is a very easy way of doing this. Summon Peter Pan and use his Limit (I think it was called Neverland) and keep on pushing the confirm button. You’ll start gliding around while a bunch of images pop up and generally won’t know what the heck is going on, but when you approach an enemy, this attack spawns an inordinate amount of orbs while dealing minimum damage, so you can go at it for a long while.

With a long Drive Gauge, you can stock about 1500-2000 per fight. Just have the common sense not to do this in time-constrictive battles.

Also give Stitch a try. Spamming his ukelele limit will just keep popping orbs out of enemies without giving them any damage at all.

So, any tips for the Coliseum pot-smashing game? I’m supposed to get 1,000 medals in 90 seconds, but the best I’ve gotten is about 180, so I must be doing something wrong.

The trick is to pile on the finishers. Remove all Combo Plus and Air Combo Plus abilities, equip Negative Combo and the Fenrir Keyblade if you have it, and go ape-wild. Also try and make the middle and big pots bash into a bunch of small pots, because when they do that all the orbs turn into big orbs.