KH voice acting.

What did you think of KH voice, acting, and who was your favourite?

I didn’t know Mandy Moore did Aeries…

Yup, all these are straight from the book you get with the game.

Christy Carlson Romano did Yuffie!? LMAO!

Lance Bass= Sephiroth!!!



David Boreanaz (Leon)
Mandy Moore (Aerith)
Christy Carlson Romano (Yuffie)

Best 3 IMO.

Steve Burton (Cloud)
Lance Bass (Sephiroth)

I thought Lance Bance did a good job. I can look past the fact that he was in the band N’Sync, and look at him as a voice actor.


voted for her favorite actor out of the group, in general :stuck_out_tongue:

David Gallagher’s voice broke! IT BROKE, I TELL YOU!!! And he sound soooo cute…sighs

Second would have to be Billy Zane doing Ansem, that guy is just mad! And then Mandy Moore and Lance Bass are tied, because their performances as the FF7 characters was great!

Going with David Boreanaz. Because he is just plain cool, and his voice sounds like he doesnt even care about anything. Most of the time. Plus Angel is like one of my favorite shows. wOot

I Just Bought the Angel Season One DVD set… such a good show

I personally loved the voice of Cloud, I thought it suited him perfectly… If only I hadn’t deleted my file saved right before the battle with cloud ::dekar!::

Ansem’s fit the best

Sora’s was a little bit youngish, I had a deep voice when I was 14.

Riku’s was ok.

David Boreanaz rules as leon!

Of course, and Thomas, you suck p:unch::

Not as much as you though alex!

Oh really? cough5+5+cough

yes really

Read above comment, Mr. Kent. Bottom Set = 5+ 5+, Top Set = 4+ 5-. I need say no more.

Now, now, boys…play nice! :hahaha;