Keyboard cleaning

How do you guys clean your keyboards? I have all sorts of junk and dirt stuck under my keys and I tried removing the under part once but that wasn’t a workable solution. I could remove each and every key, but that wasn’t a good idea when I once tried removing keys. So how do you do it?

I usually turn it upsidedown and give it a few light smacks.

That doesn’t get it all out.

I pop out all the keys with a screwdriver, then go at it with a spare toothbrush I have. Then put the keys back.

Why clean it anyway?

When I popped out the keys they didn’t want to stay in afterwards. One of the keys used to stick or not pop up but thankfully that resolved itself for reasons unknown

I dont get crud in the keyboard in the first place. And if i do, canned air, or just blow really hard on it. You could also take tooth pick and loosen it up and then shake it out.

You just take two sets of tweezers, squeeze em, put them under the key, let go, pops off clean. No damage to it. Repeat 104 times, and then take a vacuum cleaners over it. Make sure you placed your keys well off to the side!!!

Dishwasher on low heat, remember to remove the circuitry.

Canned air might work. Also, if there’s shit in between the keys, you might be able to pick it out with a pair of tweezers.

I spritz mine with canned air, then go over it with the brush attachment on the vacuum cleaner.

I use a handheld vacuum. Then I sprinkle someone elses epithelials on it.

Why would spilled milk make certain keys not work? >.>

Why not just do the easy thing? Canned air? :stuck_out_tongue:

I bought a new one! :smiley: New mouse, too. My old one had tons of shit on/in it, food included. I shall not make that mistake again.

What the hell is canned air


I have a lot of experience cleaning keyboards, and I use the screwdriver trick for the keyboards at my work. Opening up the back works on some keyboards like mine at home, but not for all of them – hence the screwdriver for the work ones.

You could try investing in a keyboard cover. There are good ones to be had for just $15 or so.