Kero gets his own thread

I know he’s been inactive on the forum for weeks, but maybe I’ll convince him to look at this thread. :stuck_out_tongue: HAPPY BIRTHDAY KERO!

Happy Bday, Kero ! Here’s hoping your summer’s been great so far =D

Happy birthday.


I don’t know who you are but…HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :toast:

<img src=“”> Happy birthday Kero. I hope you have a great party and eat some great caik. And curse you for being three days older then me. :smiley:

<img src=“”> HEY KERO, EAT ME!

Happy B-Day to the man, who gave me an LJ activation code :smiley:

Happy Birthday Dumbo =D

Thanks guys! Whoah, new smileys. >.>

Birthday punches! p:unch::

Habby Birfday Keerwo.


Happy birthday!

Ready Lads, A 1, a 2, a 3.

Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday! Dear Kero!
Happy Birthday to YOU!!!

What Happened? I ask you to sing.

You asked Your male Comantions to sing, not us.

Big Nutter
I wish Nutter Didn’t Go falsesetto in the last “YOU!!”

Happy birthday Kero.

Happy birthday Kero,may you have a wonderful day.

Whoops, didn’t notice this thread. 8P Ah, well, at least I posted my greetings in the regular Birthday Thread. Hope you like it, Kero.

Happy birthday!

Happy belated birthday Kero. hands you a sugar cookie enjoy ^^