Kenshin question...

Is there any of the Batosi or when Kenshin was the manslayer eps. in America? I saw a music video of The amnslayer Kenshin and I would like to see the eps. :frowning:

… do you mean when he was still using a real sword to kill people? He never does that (or maybe does it once or something) in the TV series… tho, if he’s still killing, it’ll be the OVAs, which are known as Samurai X: Trust, and Samurai X: Betrail in US/Canada. Those ones’ art style is really different from the TV series… but i like OVA better :slight_smile:

You might want to check the four Tsuioku Hen(Memories Saga) OVAs. These are the animated version of the saga that comes after Kyoto Hen (Which was never made for TV).

It shows the birth of the Hitokiri Battousai and how he went back to Kenshin Himura when the war was almost over. It’s a bit dark but it shows Kenshin butching people like we always wanted to see.

Kenshin the movie takes place after Kyoto and shows what happens when Kenshin really gets angry, Hitokiri form.

Samurai X shows flashbacks and the such, and it is a GREAT movie. Probably my favorite anime movie. :cool: