Ken Kutaragi promises new PS3, $2500

Comes with shock protection and without gaming.

I’m trying to think of a cheap shot to make at this, but seriously, what? What market are you trying to reach here?

What the fuck is wrong with Sony?

Its being marketed to audiophiles, so you know its going to be stupid!! I mean honestly, two HDMI, one for audio and one for video? As if one HDMI doesn’t have the bandwidth? And it isn’t “shock protection” he’s talking about…oh no, its something far more ridiculous. Audiophiles believe that stuff like the vibration caused by a disc spinning in a disc drive, or the shaking caused by uneven plastic in the system case is enough to skew sound quality.

Thought this is sort of brilliant. Audiophiles are the only people who would look at 2500USD game console and say “yeah that seems fair”, considering they’re the same people who buy 400USD <a href=“”>volume knobs</a>


Does this PS3 go up to 11?

Well, considering how well they are doing procuding and selling the PS3, why not work on another model. I’m it’ll clearly do well with how well the PS3 is already doing.

Because when I think of an all-in-one media center, Playstation comes to mind.

No company has pulled off the high-dollar, single unit media box of awesomeness. Sony is in a good position to do so, but why the fuck would they tie it into a videogame console?

Sony’s biggest mistake was diluting the PS’s role as a videogame machine…using it to promote Blu-Ray and now this.

Sony is dead to me.

“Look at the size of that thing!!”

Apparently, Sony is under the impression that if you throw enough technology at a problem it’ll go away.

What will come next? Here is a prediction of Sony’s next move.

And for those of you who can’t stand the though of departing the world and your PS3 don’t panic we’ve got just the thing. For the very low price of $800’000 USD you can get the Super Deluxe version of the PS3 one large enough to hold a Japanese adult male. It’ll include a Cell processor and AV capabilities so powerful that you’ll be the life of the afterlife. It’ll also feature a new Mummy Perserver so now you’ll be dead and lovin’ it. And if you’re afraid of the dead buried in your local graveyard rising from the grave too get into your PS3. Fear not. As the $1’000’000 version will come with a Genesis Device for you to detonate in a nebula or a dead planetoid and a Photon Torpedo launcher for both your GD and your PS3. And you can expect to see a million of them at your local Toy’s’R’Us by Summer of 2007.

But wait until we reveal our next Ultra Deluxe version due to be out by Spring of 08. You’ll be getting a system with a Bluray that could blow up a entire planet or conquer a galaxy far far away. And all of this for the impossibly low price of $4.5 billion dollars. A deal that’ll blow you away.

On a more realistic approach, they might want to include Linux/Mac OS/Windows emulators in PS3, just for the irony.

Kutaragi’s expression says, “Smile hard and triumph, or else we commit seppuku. Go polish my wakizashi.”

… what the fuck, Sony? No, really, what the fuck do you think you’re doing?

Unless this new PS3 can write my papers and do my chores, I don’t want it. I mean, at $2500 dollars, it better at least make me breastfast.

$2500 toaster

Yes, but will this $2500 toaster be able to read XML and websites?

Hmm… I have no idea on whether or not there’s a market for this, but I support anything that makes Ken carry around a model of a PS3 that makes it look like a boombox.

I mean honestly, two HDMI, one for audio and one for video? As if one HDMI doesn’t have the bandwidth?
It’s not about bandwidth. There are other more practical reasons to separate them.

Not that I think this is even close to a good idea.

Oh come on, you all bought the PSX, right?

(you remember… the $800 PS2/DVR combo)

Of course! I ought two of them like every other sane person would have done.

What practical reason is there to separate them? Afraid of crosstalk or electrical interference or whatever on a digital connection? Do people still not understand how digital is different from analog? Do you need more bandwidth to send audio frequencies high enough that it would take specialized equipment to detect them?