Ken Jennings pwnd

<a href=“”>I could type something out about it here, or summarize or something, but whatever i’ll just link you to the /. article</a>

<a href=“”>And the SFGate article</a>

I wonder, a payoff maybe? Or did they bring in a secret weapon, some genius they have in case of emergencies. Or did they cheat? hmmm.

Well, if you figure they’re around episode 40 now…and he goes off at episode 75, that leaves around 30 episodes. 5 nights a week, it will air 6 weeks from now.

Right in the middle of…oh my goodness, how convenient! Sweeps Week! :0 Coincidence!

All good things must come to an end, even for Ken Jennings :slight_smile:

He seems like a good natured guy. Since he like “nice numbers” so much he probably gets a kick out of leaving on his “75th” show.

I don’t think him losing on his 75th show is really getting “pwnd”