Kefka Cosplay

This guy is made of god and win.

That is all.



The best bit had to be his confrontation with Sephiroth. I won’t spoil it, just watch and poo yourself laughing. :smiley:

That does indeed win.

Bwahahahaha! XD

Mama’s boy, haha.

This wins beyond all possible win. :mwahaha:

That is exactly what I’d imagine Kefka’s voice sounding like, too.

That was great! The laughing was pretty spot-on, too!
(so what was that chasing him in the hallway?)

Looked like a Kimahri (or a Ronso in general) or Ifrit.

Definitely Ifrit.

And this man is a god among cosplayers XD


Thanks for the laughter.

Woah, he freaking nailed Kefka, appearance, acting, voice, composure, everything O_o


Momma’s boy <3


Ahem. Awesome indeed.





This is the best goddamned thing I’ve ever seen on Youtube, ever.

That was awe-freakin’-some.

Yeah … the best part was that it was in front of Amano. Take that, Nomura! XD

Someone at UGA decided to get dressed up as Pyramid Head and walk around downtown Athens. I would’ve run from him had I been downtown and seen that shit.

MOMMAZ BOI. That was great.