Keffy or Sephy?

The recent “Coolest Villain” thread inspired me to make this.

Ah, the old Kefka vs. Sephiroth debate…as timeless as Boxers vs. Briefs or Democrat vs. Republican. And a lot more interesting.

So who do you think is the best? I say that Kefka kicks the crap out of that bishie-haired nancy of a momma’s boy. And there’s something refreshing about a villain who’s just evil for evil’s sake.

let sepheroth transform into safer sepheroth and then see who is crying. :moogle:


I’ll have to go with K.

Safer Sephiroth = easy to OHKO. (well, one action KO, counting only actions that do actual damage)
Angel of Death Kefka = can he be OHKOed? As far as I know the most damage you can do with one action is 79,992. (9999x8) I dunno if that’s enough.

Kefka was way cooler by comparison.

Kefka was a dork, Sephiroth gets my vote.

<strike>Democrats</strike> Sephy had cooler music, but Kefka was an awesome personality. Both of them get kudos for being final bosses that actually took part in the rest of the game (Ultimecia and Necron I’m looking at you), but Kefka wins by merit of being funny-insane, rather than angsty-insane.

Kefka had:
A. Better Music
B. Better Laugh
C. Better Outfit
D. Better Insane Factor

Kefka is the ultimate Final Fantasy villan, Sephiroth was cooler, but lets face it, Kefka wasnt the only thing about Final Fantasy VI that was better than VII

In other words, Kefka owns Sephiroth in anything and everything.

Kefka definitely gets points for his snazzy one liners. Sephiroth was much too “mood-swingy” for my liking.

I’m so going with Sephy. Kefka was just out right retarded for me and I didn’t enjoy his character as much as other people here, have. Seph is probably my most favorite FF villain just because of his background. The Ancients-Hojo-Jenova storyline is probably the big reason I am hooked on FF7, I’m just intruiged by it.

Kefka could kill 8 Espers just by putting his arm up in the air. That’s pretty badass. No one else can kill Espers with that much efficiency.

(Well, Seifer did have an easy time with Odin in FF8, but that was just one GF, not eight.)

FFX Spoiler just in case:

Actually, I forgot about the Yu Yevon part at the end of FFX too, those Aeons go down pretty easy as well, and there’s 8 of them. But they don’t all go down at once so it’s still not as good as Kefka.

Sohee: Pention K for KH2 English, like Sephy was For KH.

Big Nutter
(VA:Timberlake? Nope)

hey that’s a good idea, Kefka in KH2

Anyway, I think Sephiroth was cooler. Kefka was wierd. Evil, yes, but wierd. And quite stupid. “Run! Run! Or you’ll be well done!”? I mean, come on. There goes the emperor. Now Kefka’s just moving the statues around. Oh here come’s Shadow! He’s cool. A whole lot cooler than Kefka. And here’s the countdown… gotta go.

:mwahaha: Of course I’m the coolest!


Sephiroth. I guess mainly becasue FF7 was my first Final fantasy game and Sephiroth was my first FF villian.


I’m going to have to go with Sepiroth, his whole persona just screams evil. And that sword, something no else could use, that is what you call a bad guy weapon.

As for Kefka, he was just insane evil. And that just doesn’t cut it for me.