Kazaa (Lite)

Have you even TOUCHED my link yet?

Umm Spacecow’s link was right. Cala use it, it works, it was the one I got mine from and I just checked it and it still works.

I will never pay for Kazaa Lite! EVER! I must not give money to evil people that will spend it on cheap wine and hookers! huggles his free Kazaa Lite

get Kazaa Lite from here: http://www.kazaalitekpp.com/

Well, the site Nightblade posted seems to be the correct one. But just in case, I have uploaded the K-Lite K++ 2.41 installer to my school server. PM me if you need to get it.

If you have a fast computer, internet speed and processing wise, or at least a bit better than a 56k (or a really good 56k or something), then I have two works.


And now three more words.


It bogged the hell out of my old piece of shit computer but when it got up and running, I found some VERY rare shit I couldn’t find on KaZaA or WinMX. There’s a shit load of popups and ads when you try to install it, but TRUST ME IT’S WORTH IT!

And it’s free.

…link please?

Enyoys his Direct Connect :slight_smile: