Kawaiiest RO Class

Too many for a standard poll, so short answers please.


Click on the animated GIFs to see a portrait of the class.

My vote goes to the acolyte. He’s just so cute and innocent. :kissy:

Theives or hunters are the kawaiiest.

Female mage ^^

Female archer ^^

Archers Hunters and Assassins ^^


Female archers and mages.

Theyre all cute =(((( I want RO now wahhhhhhhh not fair, it’d take me 3 to 4 days at the very LEAST to get it. :frowning:

hey gunnie, i did it! ill let you use my fileplanet acct if you want.

Thats all right, how long is the beta verison going to be on anyhows? I probably would lag too much with my 56k or abouts connection ;p I heard X’s reasons of not liking RO, and well I at times I can be short tempered so dont want to deal with that.