Katrina multimedia hub

I sent out a large email to some friends/family I know about all this Katrina stuff, so I figured I’d do the same here. A lot of these links have probably already been posted here in some form, but this is a good centralization measure at least. As people find more stuff slap it up here!

http://www.livejournal.com/users/interdictor/ - this is a blog by someone who’s been in the city from the beginning; he works at some internet service company so they have 'net access, and his journal of what’s gone on there is really interesting. Especially from the last few days. There are picture pages and a live webcam feed that they use there too.

http://wiki.nola-intel.org/index.php?title=Main_Page - this is a comprehensive media site with satellite imagery links, links to blogs, video streams, links to live police and National Guard scanners, transcripts of the scanners, etc.

http://www.jabborgibson.com/ - an 18 year old kid took an abandoned bus, loaded it with 100+ stranded people, and drove to Houston for shelter. He’s currently facing criminal charges; there’s a link to the full news article ther etoo.

http://www.nola-intel.org/nagin.mp3 - this is a great radio interview with the Mayor of New Orleans, castigating the pathetic relief operation.

http://www.nola-intel.org/Kayne-West-Bush-Black-People.mov - During MSNBC’s celebrity/music fundraising drive, someone named Kayne West lambasted the President for alleged racial/economic favoritism.

http://www.crooksandliars.com/2005/09/01.html#a4740 - this has a few links to some telling footage of media people losing it over the lack of relief. It also has links to blogs illustrating how the realities of the situation are being overlooked.

http://movies.crooksandliars.com/Anderson-Cooper-Where-is-the-help-Katrina.wmv - Anderson Cooper (CNN) wondering where the relief is.

http://movies.crooksandliars.com/Anderson-Cooper-Landrieu-Katrina.mov - Cooper rips into Senator Landrieu (D-LA), for all the political back-patting that is going on despite the fact that the dead are being eaten by rats in the streets.

http://movies.crooksandliars.com/The-Situation-Room-Cafferty-on%20Katrina.mov - Cafferty (CNN) rips into the administration for not doing anything, citing an editorial in the conservative NH newspaper the Union Ledger as his chief source.

http://movies.crooksandliars.com/Countdown-looting-in-Walmart.wmv - MSNBC footage of police officers looting Wal-Mart.

oh yeah, forgot this. If you want to donate to the relief effort, a good easy source is through amazon.com, since I bet most of you already have accounts there. The money goes to the American Red Cross.


https://give.redcross.org/?hurricanemasthead - this is the official American Red Cross site for relief donations, if you’d prefer that.

Criticism of the relief effort isn’t confined to CNN or MSNBC. I witnessed O’Reilly tear apart some Cato Institute asshole who was arguing gasoline prices should be allowed to go as high as they want to. O’Reilly got real pissed when he wouldn’t even accept companies voluntarily reducing their profit margins. Shepperd Smith also lost it yesterday on Fox when reporting the utter lack of evacuating, although he wouldn’t go as far as questioning the class or racial undertones that have permeated the relief “effort”. Unfortunately I can’t find footage of these two.

Entire areas of the city are on fire, rapes and murders have occurred in the convention center, people weren’t allowed to leave the SuperDome or other places they were told to relocate to, the backup staff of the private hospitals were evacuated before the 200+ dying patients in the Charity public hospital (it’s since been evacuated), carjacking was accepted everywhere until it moved into the richer neighborhood, gangs of the desperate have fired upon relief choppers and the minimal police presence in the city, and an area the size of Great Britain is up to its rooftops in water.

NEW ORLEANS - A week after Hurricane Katrina, engineers plugged the levee break that swamped much of the city and floodwaters began to recede, but along with the good news came the mayor’s direst prediction yet: As many as 10,000 dead.

Riley, who estimated fewer than 10,000 people were left in the city, said some simply did not want to leave their homes — while others were hanging back to engage in criminal activities, such as looting.

Nagin said the city had the authority to force residents to evacuate but didn’t say if it was taking that step. He did, however, detail one heavy-handed tactic: Water will no longer be handed out to people who refuse to leave.

Apparently New Orleans no longer exists.


the police chief is on record as saying “the city is destroyed”.

I still don’t think people understand that though; what it’s true implications are.

Thousands Open Homes for Katrina Victims

Hurricane Katrina has left hundreds of thousands of people homeless.
But thousands of people throughout the region are stepping up to offer
free shelter to those in need. 182,849 beds volunteered so far!

There is someone in Texas who gave shelter to 40 people (according to CNN).

The concept of a US city being annihilated is something a bit hard to fathom.

The federal government is preparing for up to 40,000 corpses… Constantly posting the death estimates seems really morbid, but holy crap, this is America we’re talking about, how many people died in the Tsunami?

“DMort is telling us to expect up to 40,000 bodies,” Dan Buckner, a funeral home director, said, quoting officials with the Disaster Mortuary Operational Response Team, a volunteer arm of the Department of Homeland Security.

Not to mention how our government responded to it…that’s an outrage. I think there would’ve been a swifter response had the disaster happened in a place where there weren’t so many low-income people. What’s really infuriating is to see how out of touch our nation’s leaders are with the people that they give themselves a big pat on the back for a job well done. Yeah, thousands of people dead, rotting in the streets, and with additional untold lives lost waiting for help. Real good job, fuckers.
It’s a good thing that so many civilians elsewhere have had the common decency to give what they can in order to help where everyone else has failed.

I wonder if we’ll hear talk of a mass-grave being constructed in the weeks to come…