Jack Thompson to possibly face a jail sentence

Nothing quite like it really. :slight_smile:

About time… that fucker.

Heh. It’s very unlikely that anything relevant will happen to him, but just knowing that actual authorities realize the guy is a joke is enough for me.

I find it funny that I’ve never seen a single article about Thompson anywhere outside the online world. Seriously, at least in Toronto, nobody’s ever heard of him. Yet to hear people jibe, he’s public enemy number one. He’s admittedly a ridiculous person, but I don’t think he actually has any real clout.

He has enough clout to have a couple congressmen every now and then present bills on his crap either on the state or federal level.

He’s not that new, either. Just look at all the uh… insane stuff he’s done.

I’m still amazed that every single thing the guy does isn’t thrown out of court. Still you have to give him some kind of props - according to that article, almost nothing he’s done has ever had any real effect, and he’s been thrown out of bars, found guilty of unprofessional behavior, and generally shown to be a twit. But he keeps soldiering on. What a dedicated and insane man.