Kare Kano

Yes it’s been brought up numerous times before, but I can actually participate in discussions about it now =D I’ve watched the first two subs, and I think they’re great. What amazes me, is the fact that Im usually into dark and heavy (preferably disturbing) anime and I really like Kare Kano. It took me a couple minutes to adjust my reading levels (the subs I downloaded go so fast o.O) and actually that’s what put me off last time- I had just stopped watching the Rice Box subs of WHR and those were really good quality…and then I jump to Kare Kano where dialogue is spoken so fast in some places and there’s a lot to take in with translations on the screen and whatnot. So I gave KK another chance, and I love it =D Yes I’ve been downloading them and I’m eagerly awaiting money to buy the eps.

So yes, discuss how good/bad Kare Kano is ^^

Kare Kano rules. Which is natrual, since it is made by Gainax.
I would say that Kare Kano at least partially fits into the genre you usually like, the one containing the dark and heavy ones. It has both dark and depressing moments, and happy cheerful moments full of cheesy humour.

The only thing I don’t like about it is that I have to pause from time to time, just to get the time needed to read the subtitles. They talk too bloody fast.