Kao Megura has died

Kao Megura, an FAQ writer since the very early days of FAQ writing (1997) passed away this week. He was very well known and loved for his excellent FF7 FAQ, one which has been read and referred to by legions of gamers around the world. His extensive list of top-quality FAQs have inspired many gamers and writers alike to start their own FAQs and have introduced many to the joy (and hardship) of FAQ writing. In short, he was a legend to GameFAQs, and he died well before his time. Personally, I never met him, but his writings were certainly an inspiration for what I do now. He will be sadly missed.

Aww. 8-\

moment of silence

what’d he die of?

May he rest in peace.
Or party. Whichever one he’d like.

I have no idea. It’s just told that he died well before his time, and that it was this week.

Shit, are you serious? Damn, that’s a pity. That dude actually had some name recognition back in the day when the Final Fantasy “community” consisted of five shitty pages on Geocities.

Mad Kao disease.

I read about it too.

It seems like some unfortunate accident lead to his death.

Strange, I hadn’t heard much of him, but I wasn’t into FAQs back then, so…

I did hear of this on the GameFAQs front page though. TO get there would indicate that this is indeed a great loss. And even if he wasn’t that important, still important to respect the dead.

moment of silence

He’s been contributing FAQs since before 1997, which was before a lot of us even had Internet. And his FF7 FAQ remains one of the greatest sources of FF7 info on the Internet. Speaking of which, check out his FF7 Changes FAQ for some very interesting information on how FF7 is “incomplete”.