Kanye West

For almost one year, since the day after graduation, I’ve been going to college and work and haven’t been able to hang out with friends unless the stars align just right for the occasion. This summer will be no different; two science classes and two elective, including statistics and sociology during Maymester along with Batman and Narnia and coming out will kill my social life totally.

So seeing Kanye last night was like my present to myself. Oh my gosh. If you ever get a chance, see him live. It was my first concert that actually cost money and was a actual modern person. It was the Glow in the Dark tour, and the opening acts included Lupe Fiasco (Daydreamin’is one of my favorite recent songs), NERD, and Rihanna (I can’t understand why people love Umbrella so much, but she gets points for singing that song in the Pineapple Express trailer). Rihanna was not looking fine, skin tight clothing that did not work, yeah, I guess that’s possible. Short hair.

One of the only issues I had was the fact that I was sitting behind these twelve year old girls who’svoices would not run out of steam. They did these ear-splitting screams which contributed to the deafness I experienced through the performance. Wow. Actually getting deaf from a concert? I guess it’s actually possible.

As the concert went on, the smell of weed became overpowering, and you could see smoke stewing in the air before that minty stench became nauseating. It got that way just as Rihanna’s crew did Please don’t stop the music, in which the team proceeded to wear breast plates which were rubbed to make sounds, creating what I’d consider to be a scratch and sniff scheme. I was not thoroughly impressed. Then she said how much she loved Dallas and went into a speech, which my friend said was the exact same speech she says to every city.

Then Kanye came out.

Took them an hour to set up after Rihanna. It was worth it. That was not a concert when he came out, it was a show. Like, it turned into a space opera. Not Battlestar Galactica, or anything, but wow. Can he perform or can he perform? He didn’t sing Addiction, which is one of my favorites, but seeing as how he sang nearly non-stop for an hour and a half, I’ll give him props. Hey Mama was really emotional since his Mom died during plastic surgery of all things, it was pretty sad.

Anyone else gone to any great concerts recently?

Wow, I’m not much for Kanye’s stuff, but Hey Mama really touched me. Thanks for the link.

As far as great concerts, I went to Gigantour <i>right</i> after I broke my finger. Missed the first act (High on Fire) since we were standing outside. Got inside just in time for Job For A Cowboy… we weren’t impressed. The singer just… flat out sucks and the music wasn’t that great.

Children of Bodom was up next, and damn if they didn’t kick a shit ton of ass. Slightly disappointed though, as some people broke the barrier and Bodom stopped playing for about 30 minutes 'til they came back out, apologized, and only played 5 more songs. Bastards >_>

After that, In Flames. <i>Holy fucking shit.</i> Any metal heads, go see these guys live. They kick ass. Hearing Cloud Connected, Take This Life, and Quiet Place live is something you must do. Anyhow, half way through their set Anders Fridén (vocals) took notice of a rather large man with DD man tits. He promptly (but playfully) told the guy “Dude, what the hell? Put your shirt back on, no one wants to see your man titties! I sure as hell don’t! Yeah, you… I’m talking to you, Mr. Man tits. Why do you have to kill my dream, bro?” Overall, I got whiplash from headbanging to these guys for over an hour :stuck_out_tongue:

And finally, we had Megadeth that played for almost two hours. Dave came out and introduced their new guitarist, Chris Broderick. They played a lot of awesome stuff, but something just seemed off about A Tout Le Monde. I had trouble headbanging to 'em at first, but me and this other guy in the crowd seen each other and slowly started bobbing our heads 'til we were both facing each other and slowly worked into some nice headbanging.

Aaand, this month I’m supposed to be going to Rock on the Range, a two day concert. Bands that will be there:

Day 1 (Saturday, May 17)

* Stone Temple Pilots
* Disturbed
* Staind
* Killswitch Engage
* Serj Tankian
* Shinedown
* Finger Eleven
* Filter
* 10 Years
* Red
* Theory of a Deadman
* Airbourne
* Ashes Divide
* Gavin Rossdale

Day 2 (Sunday, May 18)

* Kid Rock
* 3 Doors Down
* Seether
* Papa Roach
* Flyleaf
* Drowning Pool
* Alter Bridge
* Sevendust
* Default
* Black Tide
* Bobaflex
* Drive A
* Revelation Theory
* Five Finger Death Punch

Anyone else planning on being there? :smiley:

The last concert I saw was Pink Martini in September. They’re an twelve piece band that plays damn near anything you can play with their ensemble (Trumpet, Trombone, Guitar, Bass, Piano, Two Singers, Violin, Cello, and a four piece percussion section; and, at the time I saw them, they had a HARP).


obligatory Kanye bash

Cro: Wow… Flyleaf… I’d stay away from day2 if I was you.

Hah personally I’d stay miles away from both days, but that’s just me.

I see shows a lot, but most of them are bar shows with local bands playing and the occasional touring band. There’s some damn fine local metal bands here.

The last big show I went to was Ministry, with Meshuggah and Hemlock opening. Hemlock were bland, but seeing Meshuggah live kicked ass. I’m glad I saw them then cause they played my two favourite songs by them: Future Breed Machine and Straws Pulled at Random.
Ministry put on a great set! They promised to play older songs but they only played three actual older songs so I was a little disappointed by that. Luckily I like their new material so I was not entirely let down.

The next shows I have tickets for are for The Cure and Iron Maiden. Rush is also playing later this month so I might still pick up a ticket for them as well.

I think heard one song that I thought wasn’t terrible so I downloaded a Flyleaf album. Yeah, I get the feeling I may have mistaken them for someone else.

Meh, I’m not that worried about flyleaf. Sevendust, Alterbridge, and Bobaflex (maybe, I’ve only heard a few songs, but I like Better Than Me) make up for that.

If you say so.

To put it as nicely as possible, I am not among Mr. West’s biggest fans. And then he had to go do something with Daft Punk. The conflict, it burns us.

Gila said what I was thinking when I made my first post, but chose not to say myself. Both days are plagued with shit with the exeption of a few bands who play good music but don’t do very good live shows, like Killswitch.

Kanye’s pretty good, but the song Stronger is vastly overhyped. Than again, so is anything that plays on the radio. shudder

Lucky bastard! My last show was a local punk band with a really good bass player; he carried the whole band’s sound.

I may catch a few jazz shows and in the summer I’ll see Manu Chao with Patti Smith and Gogol Bordello with Massive Attack. I think there might be an Amorphis show in the offing, I have to check that out.

3 doors down still exist?

3 Doors Down is actually not bad.

But I always confuse them with Three Days Grace, and <b>they</b> are.

George Bush Hates Black People.

No, THIS is the worst concert ever.

Last concert I went to was Three Days Grace with Seether and Ecoline Crush.

I wanted to see Iron Maiden when they go to Calgary, but it sold out in 5 minutes. O_o

Kanye West does not care about George W Bush.

Last concert I saw was Rachel Yamagata. Her music was nice and she’s kinda cute. She began the concert saying this was the first in awhile she was going to do sober.