Ok so we all talked about how the supernatural didn’t apply to science and etc…etc… in our discussions of ID and evolution RIGHT? Well Kansas kinda figured out that to include ID into the curriculum, since it wasn’t considered science, it would change the state’s definition of science to include supernatural events.


The National Academy of Sciences and some other scientific body are threatning to deny use of copyrights. Now this is interesting because this could affect more than just a couple concepts but science as a whole in the entire state.

One board to rule the schools
One board to **** them
One board to change the rules
And in the Bliss of ignorance bind them

I think the rhyme is a bit forced but that’s what I think of the Kansas School Board right now.


This reminds me of something my mom said the other day: “Kids are stupid. And then they grow up into people, who are still stupid.”

Head, meet Wall. Wall, meet Head. wham

ID: Still Not Science

More at six.

Even the Vatican has been saying ID is silly. But isn’t it mostly protestant religions that are in favor of ID?

You can all thank St. Thomas Aquinas for this idea in Summa Theologica.

“We see that things which lack knowledge, such as natural bodies, act for an end, and this is evident from their acting always, or nearly always, in the same way, so as to obtain the best result. Hence it is plain that they achieve their end, not fortuitously, but designedly. Now whatever lacks knowledge cannot move towards an end, unless it be directed by some being endowed with knowledge and intelligence; as the arrow is directed by the archer. Therefore, some intelligent being exists by whom all natural things are directed to their end; and this being we call God.”

Anyway, if they are able to teach intelligent design of God in Kansas, than I should be able to teach the Nordic mythological theory of creation. We all live on a Giant’s armpit I tell you!

Also, the clouds are made up of his brains.

The difference between Aquinas and the ID movement is that Aquinas delicately avoids stating <i>how</i> God’s continual intervention works, except to say that it always “directs” things toward their “end”, whereas the ID movement uses the idea of God’s intervention as a blunt weapon against evolution.

This is a very good point, Xwing. God could be using evolution to be “directing” things toward their “end.”

<a href=“http://www.venganza.org/”>I am a devout Pastafarian and demand that it also be taught in public schools.</a>

Your mom is smart. They really, really ought to give her an award.

Intelligent Design has nothing to do with science, in fact, it’s barely even a pseudo-science: It’s religiously influenced rubbish. Just because someone happens to believe that the world is unreal and that all this is merely an intentional reality ( or that all this is merely a simulation ) doesn’t automatically make it physically true and that it thus ought to be taught in schools. Metaphysics has actually nothing to do with physics or science, it belongs to philosophy and theology. There really isn’t any reason to change that.

I agree with Nulani. Your mom is a genious.

Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.

I know that the Uk education at under 16 level attuachally STATES that Evoloution is A theory that you will be asked questions on in exams, I beleve that “ID” in class will also be teached as a theory. Both with no truths… The only question is why teach theories that are unproven… I don’t see where in the bible where How animalds and Man was created. I read that Woman was carved out of Adam’s rib that Grows back… (Sin, you may know which one)

And that’s why they changed the state definition!

facepalm -.-

Thank you Cala.


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