Justice League: Unlimited

Just wanted to give a heads-up to those of us who watch more than just Japanese Animation: JLU is getting seriously good of late.

I know some of you must be confused by all the new characters (they’re all from the comics) and by the current “government conspiracy” plotline. And yeah, they’ve had their share of silly episodes too (like Wonder Woman turned into a pig) but hey, compared to most of what’s on, JLU rules, and even their silly episodes are MUCH better than other series’. And some of their episodes are VERY serious to compensate. The whole point of the moral of the heroes’ actions being questioned as they confront the conspiracy is definitely not Super Friends stuff, and very much worth watching.

I would prefer it if every episode had at least one of the main characters (from the earlier seasons) to anchor things, instead of having whole episodes dedicated to the newcomers. But hey, the writing and voice acting quality is still as good as it’s been since they started doing this particular style in BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES. I also hope to see Shayera (Hawk Girl) fully redeem herself from betraying the team (she’s back ON the team, but many still don’t trust her, and she’s not using her old identity anymore.) For the record I completely understand why she did it, and it was in character.

So, if you haven’t, give JLU a try. Oh, and check the comics, too- they’re just as good. (I specially liked a recent issue starring The Question, where he had to admit that even a Paranoid Conspiracy Nut like him had to trust someone sometime.)

I love the fact how Supes is practically ‘forced’ to grow up from his boyscout mannerisms. But I don’t like the fact how Flash is being used less and less… maybe as a way to preserve him from his ‘Lords’ fate?

Also, Batman. He saves. He sacrifices. But how long can he take the strain? Seeing he is the one with no real powers… save his amazing deductive reasoning that could take out the JL if he ever wanted to…

One thing I’d still like to see The Creeper. I mean, he was in “The Initiation” and you can see his silhouette in the opening.

Mab: Exactly. Ever since the Darkseid storyline in his own series (where not only was he used against Earth, but one of his friends was killed by Darkseid out of spite) Supes has been a badass in the making, even willing to die to take Darkseid down with him. (BTW: I’ll bet Darkseid will be back from the “dead” soon. In fact, he could be behind Luthor’s new powers. But that’s just a guess of mine.)

Batman’s reaction at the end of “Doomsday Sanction” does indeed agree with your opinion. Though personally I don’t see why banishing a vicious Supermonster to another dimension is so controversial. They can still bring him back if they feel they overstepped their moral bonds. (And where would they put a Kryptonian monster?)

And if you like The Creeper, check out the latest issue of the JLU comic RIGHT NOW, where Batman is forced to ask the Creeper, in all his lunatic glory, for help in figuring out the plans of some equally nutty villains. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, seeing where I live, I juuuuust might have to wait a few years to see such comics :confused:

As for reinventing Superman… And speaking of Lobotomies other than heatvisioned ones… I loved the Son of the Red Star… (Aka, Commie Superman.)

Brilliant, absolutely brilliant…

Even more since I realized, you kind of notice that Superman himself is responsible for the whole time paradox, for having wanted the perfect world… And… well. Spoiler

I love the show, but I haven’t seen it in a while.

I’ve caught episodes of it, and I’ve noticed Doomsday shows up, along with the end of the episode where Superman and Shazam fight or something, guess I really need to check out my TV guide.

I’ve been reading the comics when its slow at the drug store where I work. I loved the Question one too! The “I Can’t Beleive It’s Not The Justice League” comics are funny as hell too.

I recently started watching the show, and I must say I’m rather impressed.

I watched all the episodes that have been on, so far. And I must admit they are all pretty good. At the moment they have just stopped the android (Amazo, I think) from killing Luther. And who knows what else.

Yeah, having all these new faces (and powers) is quite interesting. Since the potential they have is so impressive. I can’t wait to see more.

I remember when I first started watching Superman and Batman when I was little. Things sure have evolved since then. Things have turned more Batman-esque if you ask me. Story-driven, not afraid to be a little dark, mature and action packed. The hook-up. The government conspiracy thing going on is good too. I’m just wondering…what happened to the Indian guy from Superfriends who the JL took in at the end of that episode with the Wonder Twins? It’s like they took him and they put him in the reserve to reemerge at a later date…I liked that guy, especially the budding relationship between him and Wonder Woman.

I missed the episodes were Hawkgirl betrayed the team, and figured it out only when Luther was talking about it in the episode starring Superman and Shazam. That episode had one of things I really like about JLU. In the old Superman series, he was the boy scout and such, I don’t think he ever…really got terribly hotheaded and such and quick to act without resorting to reason. Here, Sups is a bit more falliable then we think. I like that. Makes him more believable.

Having the Green Lantern be black is cool. Oh, and the evil conspiracy lady…even though she’s evil.

Did the team now Shazam was really just a kid though to begin with?

Mabat: Too bad about the comics. Can’t you order them by mail? They’re worth it, trust me.

HS: You still don’t have the JL Unlimited episodes over there? I hope you get them eventually, they’ve been the best so far.

Mull: The comics are even darker than the cartoon these days. (I mean the other DC Comics, not the JLU adaptation.)

You mean the giant guy from the Ultimen? The one based on Apache Chief? Don’t remember his name now. I assume they must be seeking a cure for him (remember, the clones all had a limited lifespan) I assume they’ll appear again later. Hope they survive.

Hawkgirl’s betrayal came at the season finale of Season Three, a three-part story (also shown as an hour-and- half animated movie.) Great story, I think it’s on video now (or will soon be.) Check it out.

Yeah, even Superman is shown as having a breaking point in these stories. But given all he’s gone thru (with Darkseid, The Justice Lords and Luthor) you can understand it.

And you forgot to mention who I think is their best African-American character: The Vixen! :wink:

And no, I don’t think the League knew Captain Marvel was really a kid.

Batman may keep a record of the true identites of every member of the Justice League and Superman didn’t seem too surprised when Captain Marvel turned back into a kid.
Can’t wait for the next episodes as they start to finally conclude the Cadmus Arc.

Yeah, Batman would know his identity…and how to kick his ass. I don’t like that Captain Marvel was pegged as a challenge for Supes. THey fought for 10 minutes and it looked like an even fight…it wasn’t at all. It seemed like they were a fair match but Marvel was very badly bruised, in the shitty looking JLU fashion where his face gets all wrinkly, and Supes was barely scratched. Talk about a waste of a fight.

You’re right that Batman would investigate CM’s identity, he’s like that. And Supes did indeed not look too surprised.

And people NEVER peg Captain Marvel’s powers right. Let’s look at them:

Solomon- Wisdom. Though he hardly ever acts very wise.
Hercules- Strenght. This is one is strightforward.
Atlas- Stamina. I guess this means he doesn’t get tired.
Zeus- Power. Nobody ever gets this one right. (It INCREASES his other powers. So yes, if CM wants to, he CAN be stronger than Superman!)
Achilles- Courage (but actually, he gets Achilles’ Invulnerability. No ‘Achilles’ Heel’, however!)
Mercury- Speed. And flight, apparently, thought Mercury RAN in the air.

Add to it the fact that Supes is supposed to be affected by Magic… and you have one Superman-killer. But DC will NEVER admit that. :frowning:

Wil, they only just started showing JLU, over here. So like I said we haven’t got too far into it just yet. Just to the point with the Android coming back to get revenge on Luther, for tricking him back when he was first built and drained all the Leagues powers.

But from what you guys have said sounds like things get a little more interesting as things go on. Cool, can’t wait.

In earlier days Marvel was supposed to be a different take on Superman if I remember correctly. Nowadays he’s Superman lite. He has Superman’s base powers and frankly none of them are all that impressive. And the belief that Marvel can be stronger that Supes is a fallacy. At his maximum Supes can move planets, I’m pretty sure Marvel can’t do that.

Jango: You’re thinking of the Silver Age version of Superman. He can’t do those things anymore (except in extraordinary circumstances). Even in the Silver Age, however, Hercules’ Strenght was shown as a match for Supes’. Add the Power of Zeus, like I mentioned above, and yes, CM would be STRONGER than Supes. It’s the writers who indeed underestimate his power (and differences to Superman.)

Of course, we don’t know if those apply to the JLU version of Marvel.

Just watched Panic in the Sky (That’s the third last ep). My my, if JLU wasn’t a (primarily) a kid’s show, I think quite a lot more clothing might have been shred off. Boldly violent too. Good? Sure. Not necessarily for the children. Then again, having seen Elfen Lied (And quite a lot more not-suitable-for-children shows), maybe this is a very good limit.

Seeing as how there’s an African-American female who’s a heroine in there, if they shed off any more clothing I might pay less attention to the story and more to…

Erm, anyway, I think that it being a children’s show actually helps it a bit. Sometimes, limits are good things. It makes people know their bounds. People can get a bit lost if they do whatever they want.

What’s Elfen Lied? It almost sounds familiar…

Silver Age of Superman? What, did that kryptonite finally start making a bit of a dent in Sup’s armor?

Apparently one of the older versions of superman was portrayed as being able to move entire planets and such. The modern version of superman is a lot weaker, his limit seems to be moving trains.

Christopher Reeves Superman moved the Earth so quickly it reversed time. :frowning:

Superman is a fucking joke. His powers are incredibly random, especially when he’s with the Justice League. Take him out of the League and in his own series he’s obscenely powerful. Stick him with the League and one second he’s SUPER the next he’s a weiner.