Just wondering...

so …how did any of you join this site and why?
I joined accidentally.I was searching for something on google and this site came up for one of the threads.The people here sounded pretty cool so decided to join.

I was looking up FF5 stuff in '96 or '97 and liked the shrine so much that I checked out the rest of the site (what little there was) just started posting.

I killed a man, and as I was speeding away from the crime scene, I was pulled over for exceeding the speed limit. Since I’d already had several offenses on my record, they made me join this forum as a punishment.

I found the Lufia shrine when I was about 11 and used it to get me through the puzzles. I’m pretty sure RPGC was the place I went to, because you didn’t have very many “shrines” back in the day. The name always stuck with me when I needed some help with the game, and a couple years later I googled it and found RPGC, for the second time, I’m assuming.

I don’t know what made me hang around and look at the forums. I suppose, I was intruiged by the thought of an rpg faq website (I still had not found gamefaqs) and started looking around the Staff link and checking out the bios of the people who made the site. After that, I skimmed over the history quite a few times and was amused by what kind of “revolution” the site had gone through. I figured, these people aren’t the usual computer/rpg nerds, they had SOUL! :open_mouth: So I checked out the boards here and there, becoming familiar with names, and finally decided to join for some reason, on Feb 23 2003. I didn’t plan on sticking around since the blue hurt my eyes after being so regular on another board that was all black.

But apparently I did.

I forgot.


The way I found this was through Final Fantasy. I was searching for a decent site for the series, and one of the sites google gave me was the Compendium. I liked the look of the place, as it had tonnes of info.

After a while I decided to check out the forum, to see what people thought about FF, and to see if the conversation were any smarter than the ones over at GameFAQs. Since they were, I dropped the forums at GameFAQs like a bad habit, and joined the ones here. And the rest as they say, is history.

Looking for RPG info, followed links from the link pages on several other RPG sites, eventually found this one, liked it, eventually joined forums.

And that, as they say, is that.


Link at ZD. It was late 1998, and I was looking for the link to RPGe (who had translated FFV), and accidentally clicked the link before it. Looked around the site a bit, and e-mailed Rast about how he didn’t have enough Dragon Quest coverage. He told me to join on and fix it. Officially joined 1/1/1999.

Damn, I should have done that, it would have been so much easier than finishing my shrine. Ah well, at least summer is coming and I’ll finally be able to get back to work on the shrine and join. I’m not too much further, I’ve got a good amount of the walkthrough done and that is the biggest thing that it is missing.

I was looking for somthing to do, and i was getting bored on the internet, and i heard from my friend that he joined a anime posting site, so i eventually came here after looking for which one to join. Cuz i wanted in on the action, and i didnt want to do nothing on the computer, so y not join a site where i can argue, chat, agree with people. Its all here.

I joined for the Kor. Too bad he doesn’t post so much anymore.

FFC then Online life then Macc’s FARTS!! Then The Main site!!
Hitting forum took about 10 months from FFC

I found this site a long while ago. Needed some help with Ultima:Exodus. Joined almost a year ago(by my count, nine months)

I posted some of my art on FFCompendium. Then I was bored and googled my name and kept seeing RPGC pop-up. I was all ,“What the heck?” and found out that the Compendium is run by RPGC and went ahead and looked around the site until I ended up here, at the bottom.

I thought this site was Dalton’s ‘guestbook’… Just when I started posting, I realized that this was actually a FORUM… Seriously.

To cut a long story short, I must’ve been bored.

I was looking for a FF8 walkthrough. Then I got into fanfics. I didn’t even know there was a forum until a year after visiting the main site.

Mailbag -> chat -> forum -> failed attempts at shrining due to boredom