Just watched The Evil Dead again.

And what the fuck?

No seriously, what the fuck?

That movie is fucking crazy! She gets raped by trees!

And the glorious clay-mation at the end!

This movie is so awesome. XD

That woman? A friend told me that was <i>her best friend’s mom</i>. Apparently a few people in her high school saw the mom, saw the movie, and made the connection.

Every once in a while you just have to throw in some tree-rape.

Know what I mean?


wait no

There’s a beech in my garden looking at me in a strange way.

I remember my traumatized youth after watching that scene.

Then I entered puberty, and it became my favorite movie scene.

Yeah, there is a boob in that scene isn’t there

You are a disgusting pile of shit.

The scary thing about that scene is that it doesn’t look faked, unlike say, the ending scene.

Also, his girlfriend is by far the creepiest of the evil dead. By far.

You amuse me greatly.