Just wanted to say hi

Hey guys how’s it going? My name’s Vahn and I just wanted to say hi.

Heya. :wave:

Hello ^^, and welcome.

Dear Vahn,

Salve! Welcome and hello!

(What, another one?!) [Insert well though out comment here.]

much love,

P.S. None of this is intended to be serious (and it fails horribly at being humorous).

Originally posted by demigod
fails horribly at being humorous
awww, dont think of yourself as failing to be humorous. Think of yourself in succeeding in being unhumourous. :smiley:


Another newbie :eek: We’re surrounded helppppppppp meeeeeeeeee
Oh and hi there, neat name(thank god your name isnt sephiroth or cloud ;p) Free cake and yummy fruit juice and a moogle to do with as you please <<…>>

Wait, does that mean he just registered to say “hi”? <<;

Welcome to your doom! Ok I always wanted to say that, welcome and vote for me.

The title of this post is familiarly awful and awfuly fammiliar. Or it’s just me? :smiley:


This forum is off-limits to all posters, so go away. I’d say the exact quote, but I’d probably be killed. Hi. ^^

Hello and welcome.:wave:

/me tries as hard as he can to say hello without stealing anyone’s “line”

MINE’S been stolen before! Anyway, I’m Strong Bad … and you don’t know it yet, but I’m da reason you’re here. Check me out! … No, seriously, check me out.

I’m Yar Kramer, and this is my welcoming committee.

I am Agent Johnson … and that’s really all there is to say.

My name’s Dizzy! And I keep badgering Yar to make a sprite of me holding a cake for birthday occasions!

HIIIIIIII!!!1111elevenses [glomps Vahn and starts chewing on his soul]


Hi and welcome. Whatever. If you’re going to be around fro a while keep it down, I’m trying to sleep.

Huh? [stops playing on his drumset] Oh, sorry.

If you don’t start paying attention Strong Bad I’ll sick Trogdor on you! :mwahaha:

hi :enguard:

Hey, Trogdor wouldn’t touch me! Cuz I’m da B!

Welcome the the RPGC Inanse Asylum. Don’t sign anything unless you read the fine print!