Just trying something with ISOs.

I searched everywhere for Lunar: SSSC with no results, so I was thinking about searching for an ISO and playing it on my computer. Problem is, my computer blows too much ass to emulate PSX games.

I’ll cut to the chase, if I burn an ISO into a CD, would I be able to play it with my PSOne? Or the ISO is a completely different format? I really don’t think this would work but I wanted to know if it’s possible.

I believe it’ll still work, but you need one of those mod-chips, which haven’t been in illegal circulation for a while now.

It will be unable to run in a ps1 because the ps1 will be able to detect that it is on a cd-r and refuse to play it.

Shit. Thanks anyway.

Buy a modchip? Or a force-loader if you can’t soder.

Yeah, a modchip will let it run. Incidentally, I have the ISO to both SSSC and EB. But, thats for the PMs… yeah… we didn’t have this conversation.

Edit: make sure you do not do a straight burn of the ISO file onto a CD. Make sure you use some program that lets you ‘burn an ISO as a PSX CD’. Alcohol 120% is very clear as to having this feature, and how to use it, so I’d sugest that.

I’ve finked my way into getting one of these to work without one, but it was two years ago, and now I have no idea how. I’ll look at my PS and see if I can figure out how.

Say. what kind of comp you have? PSX emulators are relatively low-power, at least a 1.1 GHz celeron w/ 256 MB RAM (on winxp no less, so if on a different OS even less RAM will be needed) and just software rendering and Lunar emulated just fine.

Pentium II 400Hz/64 MB RAM ;_;

An you can all stop answering now, because I already checked and there aren’t Mod chips available in my country. Thanks anyway.

You could import a modded one then. From… wherever sells modchipped PSXs.

Is there such a creature as lets you burn an ISO onto a PS2 DVD? Inquiring minds want to know.

You mean, burn a PS2 ISO onto a PS2 DVD? Yes. Or you mean burning a PS1 ISO onto a PS2 DVD? Don’t know, maybe, but why would you need to? Just burn onto a PS1 CD then.

To do both, just use alcohol 120% (god I must be sounding like some corporate whore for these guys by now). Just use 100% unburned blank CDs and/or DVDs.

Also, either way you need to have a modchip in the system for them to boot.

And have fun modding your PS2. :hahaha; :hahaha;