Just stopping by to say I'm doing fine.

Here is me at the port.

Not much has happened since I last updated you guys. Things have developed a rhythm and everyday is the same thing. So yeah…

Good, good, is that an AK-7? I want one too!

It’s great to see that you are doing fine.

That’s an M16-A4, not an AK-47.

That’s some neat gear. You look cool. :slight_smile:

Hope you’re doing fine.

I want one still!

Nice camo. Is it that digital stuff?

So how heavy is all that gear, out of curiosity? Doesn’t look lightweight, but I could be fooled by appearances.

I see you are sailing the seven seas

You look ready to shoot somebody

For exactly what?

:cool: :wave: :enguard:

Good to hear from you, Info.

Garbage day, most likely.

That’s one of the cutest things I’ve heard a girl express, whether sarcastic or not (I can’t tell).

Whew, I was getting nervous.

What’s that big boat in the background?

Good to see you are doing fine. That’s a really cool picture by the way.

That is the ship that we were providing security for.

The weapon itself is about 9 pounds. The flak is about 20-30 since it has protective plates in it (correct me if I’m wrong Varan), then the vest is on 5 to 10. Then the helmet is only a pound or 2 since it is the new light weight helmet. It isn’t too bad overall (I can still do 3 or 4 pull-ups in all that). It was a little heavy once we put the plates in, but now I’m used to it and I’m just fine in it.

Yes, those are our dessert digital cammies.

My time is up, so I’ve got to go. I’ll be back when I can.

Say hi to Jamie Foxx for me!

Do you have a scope attachment for that thing?